ARCHIVES:  February 24-28, 2006

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February 28, 2006 - Tuesday

Italian Food

Italian food is very good. My daughter and I ate lunch at Olive Garden today. I am a big fan of their soups and salads (not to mention breadsticks). Its a shame our city only has one Olive Garden. The parking lot is almost always full at mealtimes. We really need another one.

There are several restaurants that are always full at lunch and dinner. Logan's Roadhouse is another. People in Huntsville love to eat out. Sometimes we have tried to visit either place and had to turn away due to a lack of parking.



February 27, 2006 - Monday

Napoleon Dynamite

I finally got my husband to see this cult classic movie. It was filmed in Preston, Idaho, near his hometown. I enjoyed seeing it a second time -- getting some of the humor I had missed before. It got great reviews, even Rotten Tomatoes praised it with a 70% fresh. This is perfect for anyone who has ever felt awkward at school and not a part of the "in crowd."



February 26, 2006 - Sunday

Find the Lowest Gas Prices

Jennifer C. sent this one about finding the lowest gas price in any zip code. We went to Costco yesterday and paid $2.09 a gallon for regular. My daughter lives about 20 miles north of us and pays even less, but the real winner is my sister in Atlanta, who pays much less than the rest of us -- probably because of being along the Alaskan Oil Pipeline.



February 25, 2006 - Saturday

The Geekcast with Aaron Crocco

I got a shoutout on The Geekcast which was much fun. (Thanks for the pleasant surprise, Aaron.) It is in Broadcast #82 right near the beginning (if you want to listen). I couldn't wait to replay this for my husband.

I've been listening to this excellent podcast for a long time and finally visited the associated Frappr map and posted myself. Aaron Crocco does an excellent job of presenting news, opinions, etc., about the tech world. I look forward to each broadcast as well as his new Tech News Daily podcast.

I also bought a new microphone - the same that Aaron has, a Samson. I am not podcasting but I want to record my voice for other things and am using Skype quite a bit these days. Thanks to a link on, I learned that Skype was giving away 12 free minutes in calls to anywhere in the world. Of course, who do I call first? My sister living just over 100 miles away -- really far from home -- NOT!



February 24, 2006 - Friday

Business Card Origami

Mom loved to do origami. When I was 5 years old, she had me folding paper into all kinds of shapes. I remember sitting at a table with my brothers and sisters, folding paper. Here's a new twist on it -- making many things out of business cards -- ha! Here's a basic box. (Box is not pictured, but the shapes below are from J. Campbell.)