ARCHIVES:  January 1-7, 2006

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January 7, 2006 - Saturday

Food at O'Charley's

My daughter told me that O'Charley's has the best grilled shrimp in the world (well, the best she has had). Today, my husband and I went to check it out and sure enough, the grilled shrimp here are fantastic!

My husband also claims that the cheeseburgers here are the best in the world.

Today is my brother-in-law's birthday. Even though we are not in the same town, we told him that we were eating out in his honor. Happy birthday, Kim!



January 6, 2006 - Friday

Amazing Buildings in China

I've seen it on the news -- China is becoming more modern by the minute. It has the largest  malls in the world -- the largest cities -- and civilized. It is producing more and more. Almost with out realizing it, China has become more industrialized than ever imagined. It is becoming the world's biggest polluter as well.

All that aside, China is producing beautiful amazing buildings (like this swimming pool for the Olympics). Click on the link or image to see more.




January 5, 2006 - Thursday

Photoshopped Picture of the Day

These clever pictures from Worth1000 are amazing. Many images from this site get passed around the Internet as "real" -- when they are just Photoshopped fakes -- very, very good ones. Visit the source of Internet stories.





January 4, 2006 - Wednesday

Bonnie's Treats - Recipe

My sister, Bonnie, made some great Christmas yummies that we all loved. I like the salty flavor so I use salted peanuts. Here's the recipe.


Bonnie's Treats

   3 cups Cheerios
   3 cups Rice Chex
   1 cup bow pretzels
   1 16 0z pkg M&Ms or Reeses Pieces or half of each
   1 cup peanuts (I like to use salted.)
   1 pkg almond bark
Mix first 5 ingredients. Melt almond bark and mix in other stuff until coated, drop on wax paper. Let cool.



January 3, 2006 - Tuesday

My Niece is a Clothes Designer

My teenaged niece has just released her first clothes designs, a shirt and a dress (pictured here), in the avatar world of IMVU. Here's the listing for it: Eppy's Dress. Here's all of the stuff she has designed so far --> Eppy's Designs.


In IMVU, we wear all kinds of clothes, eye color, hair styles, etc. Its a lot of fun to chat with someone in a  place where everyone looks how they want to look. (If you want to see some other avatars, click on the word IMVU and play at designing an avatar -- all free and very easy.)



January 2, 2006 - Monday

Top 5 Online Retailers for Christmas

I just heard this on the latest TWiT podcast. Online sales were up considerably (no surprise there).


Top 5 Online Retailers for Christmas 2005


2. eBay

3. Wal-Mart

4. Target

5. (tie) Best Buy & Circuit City



January 1, 2006 - Sunday

Happy New Year 2006!

It's going to be hard to remember to write 2006. By the time, I get this down, it will be 2007.

I saw Dick Clark last night. He is back! He has a new voice, one that he strived to find after his stroke and having to relearn how to talk. He sounds much older now, but I am glad he is still around, especially on New Year's Eve.

I watched a live webcam feed from Times Square. I was amazed at all the entertainment being put on there - what an exciting place to be!

I am making resolutions all the time, mostly every Monday, so there was nothing particularly new to make except the usual - ha!