ARCHIVES:  October 16-23, 2005

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October 23, 2005 - Sunday

Twenty-Five Hours in a Day, Three Arms & Maybe Two Heads

That's what I would like. Ha ha! So many things to do, so little time. So many things I WANT to do and still no extra time.

I am here, though I post a little later in the day than I used to. I've been chatting at a lot - what a fun place! I think I could submit a little program (they accept it from almost anyone -- to design a room and more). I know you are sick of me talking about it, so that is all I will say for now.

The problem is time. I have many projects on the to-do list and not enough hours in a day. The old adage is true -- the older you get, the faster time goes by.



October 22, 2005 - Saturday

More Halloween Animation

I tried my hand at making a cat's head and tail move.




October 21, 2005 - Friday

More on Virtual Chatting

I am ::so hooked:: on this free virtual chat world at IMVU. It is sophisticated and realistic. We talk and move around like actual people, almost. There are many scenarios. The nice thing -- it is not game-play, just friendly chatting and visiting exotic or regular places. One friend brought me to an underwater scene and we put on mermaid costumes. In another, I had wings.

I enjoyed talking with my little sister who looked just like herself, complete with glasses. She was adorable. She took me to a Ferris wheel ride (it moved, even) and we chatted while moving around - even the scenery changed -- such incredible detail!

The site comes with free "credits" to make characters different, if desired. I see that they make their money by selling more credits to buy different clothes, abilities, etc. Here's what I looked like now that I've had time to decide what I really want.

If you decide to join, let me know. Again, I am "TerryAnn" over there. Everyone gets access to different scenes after the default and it will be fun to see what you get. So far, I've been floating on a raft (and getting seasick), swimming under water, visiting a beauty parlor and talking under dryer hoods, a museum, a Ferris wheel, the stars and a wonderful sunset poolside with a pool that glistens and moves like real - and more.



October 20, 2005 - Thursday

Virtual 3D Online Chatting

My friend EyeQ, told me about this chat and it absorbed half of my day. This is a fascinating free site where you design, dress and do a lot with character. You can change facial expressions, clothes, set the background, have pets, zoom in and out and around at ANY angle while you chat with someone in an animated conversation.

The chat site is called IMVU and it is free, although some of the deluxa extra clothes, etc., have to be purchased. It just blew me away! Below is a clip of our "floating at sea" chat. My character is on the left (with the default clothing). If you try this, add me. I am "TerryAnn."

Here's another Jack O'Lantern.



October 19, 2005 - Wednesday

Carve an Online Jack O'Lantern

No mess, no fuss and no big artistic talent required to design your own online Jack O'Lantern. Here's one I made. After you design it, they put in a candle and light it up for you. (Thanks to Deborah P. for this link.)




October 18, 2005 - Tuesday

Make a Dancing Muglet

You can upload a photo and  make yourself into a funny dancing character. I posted mine at My Muglet in Action. The muglet site is located at This is probably the only way I could ever be a decent dancer. (Click on the picture to see the movie of me in action.) Thanks to Miss E for this link. You can control the dance moves and music choices. (P.S. This was the only feminine character offered at the time. Online, it is located at



October 17, 2005 - Monday

More Halloween Animation

In this one, I tried more complex things -- four movements going on at once. The cat blinks, the pumpkin blinks at 3 levels, each star twinkles (although that is hard to see) and a bat flies speedily across one corner of the sky. Please feel welcome to use these for yourself. I don't know the author of the original picture, though. I think it all goes too fast, but it took a long time to get to this point. I didn't do the littler kitty one. I just thought it was cute.



October 16, 2005 - Sunday

Wallace & Gromit Movie

We saw this charming British-humored claymation movie yesterday. It was adorable! I love how they animated the dogs -- just plain cute. And British do old people better than anyone. The children in the audience were giggling (a great G-rated Halloween movie for even the littlest children). I know this must have been good because my husband was NOT looking at his watch. I highly recommend the movie - there are even some adult jokes and sight gags which you might miss if you don't watch closely -- obviously meant for adults -- but in a nice way.

Here's another animation I made last night. I want to give credit to Halloween Cats where I am getting these graphics. They have a few already-animated images, too.