ARCHIVES:  July 24-31, 2005

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July 31, 2005 - Sunday

Best Movie Mistakes

This is great reading. Find out mistakes made in movies. There's always plenty of them, some are very funny. Here's a few of them. Check the link above for more or click on the link in each listing for further mistakes in that movie. Thanks to "Movie Mistakes - Take Movies Further" for the information below.


1 Star Wars When the stormtroopers break into the control room, watch very carefully and you will be able to see a storm trooper nearly render himself unconscious by smacking his head off a door frame. This is now so notorious that on the new DVD there's an audible "bump" when he hits it.


2 Commando The yellow Porsche is totally wrecked on the left side, until Arnie drives it away, and it's fine.


3 The Rocky Horror Picture Show The criminologist describes the events of the movie as taking place "on a late November evening". In the very next scene, Brad and Janet are driving in Brad's car, and President Richard Nixon's resignation speech is playing on the radio. Nixon resigned in August of 1974.


4 Gladiator After the battle with the Germanians, the next morning after the tavern, he is walking in the army camp and he feeds a horse a piece of apple. If you look closely between Maximus and the horse, there is a crewman wearing a pair of blue jeans.


5 Charlie's Angels When the Angels are fighting the "Creepy Thin Man," right before Drew Barrymore lifts up Lucy Liu to spin her around and kick the thin man, to get Lucy's attention, Drew hollers out "Lucy!" even though Lucy Liu's character's name is "Alex."


6 Spider-Man In the scene where Mary Jane is being mugged by four men, Spider-Man throws two of the men into two windows behind Mary Jane. Then the camera goes back to Spider-Man beating up the other two guys. When the camera goes back to Mary Jane the two windows are intact.



July 30, 2005 - Saturday

Blogging Randomly

Do all blogs seem alike? (I hope not.) Here's a site that generates a random blog entry. Refresh the page for new nonsensical deep thoughts. Some blogs actually read like this - that's scary.



July 29, 2005 - Friday

Giant Texas-Sized Beetle

All we were doing is walking into an Olive Garden located in the middle of town, when we almost cross paths with the biggest beetle I have ever seen in the wild - about 3 or 4 inches long, not counting the legs or nose. My reflexes are well-honed. Without a second thought, I whipped out my camera and snapped some pictures.


After a little research on the Internet (using words like "biggest beetle I ever saw," "monster bug" and so on), I discovered that this is an Eastern Hercules Beetle, also known as an ox beetle or an elephant beetle. People like them for pets. I don't know why. Do they do pet tricks or answer to their names?

I can see it as a cat toy. That's all it would be around here. Anyway, this beetle looked quite happy ducking into a hole in the ground under the restaurant.



July 28, 2005 - Thursday

Still Hot, but 10 Degrees Cooler

Sorry to still be moaning about the weather. It was cooler today and it felt great. I am still taking showers with 100% cold water. I love winters, here, though.

I made the mistake of eating hot soup. Hot soup on a hot day means that a person needs lots of ice cream afterwards to cool down ... maybe it wasn't such a mistake, after all.



July 27, 2005 - Wednesday


It is hot outside. I've had to cut my outside walks in half. This morning, it was 100% humidity - with no breezes, no rain or drizzle, plenty of bugs, pollen and suffocating haze and heat. It doesn't add up for a pleasant walk. I wonder if I should get out the old bicycle. At least cyclists have a breeze.

Not only that, but we have to run the car wipers in the morning. Note, it is not drizzling at all. When you run the car's air conditioner in the morning, moisture forms on the windshield so quickly that the wipers have to run continuously, though. It's like taking a glass of ice water outside and watching condensation forming on it.

On the plus side, all this humidity is good for keeping wrinkles off the face and giving us a more youthful appearance. Ha!



July 26, 2005 - Tuesday

The Shuttle Takes Off!

Yay! At last! I am so glad to see it flying again. Congrats to all the hard workers out there to get it back in space. It just feels good to be in space once more.  I took a short video of the take-off. I merely aimed my tiny digital camera at the TV, so it isn't perfect, but the sound is good.

Here's a link to multiple live feeds of the shuttle.



July 25, 2005 - Monday

Optical Illusion Videos

Here's a series of cute little videos demonstrating different optical illusions.

Tip for the Day: Do NOT delete files from across a network. I was working on one computer and accidentally deleted files from another computer. They do not go into a Recycling Bin -- they are gone forever! I ran a disk save program and only got a small fraction back. Argh and Double Argh!



July 24, 2005 - Sunday

Making 60-Second Movies

I know I've blogged this before, but it bears repeating, I think. I am currently reading a book, learning how to make better movies. I love making these little short movies and posting them on my daily photo blog. My host,, allows movies up to 25 mg. This is short, but with enough compression and image size reduction, up to 2 or 3 minutes can be posted. The smaller the movie, the better it looks (the less it has to be compressed) so I am trying to discipline myself into making shorter ones.

Also, people are more likely to watch a very short movie (30 to 60 seconds) than a longer one. Home movies can be fun in short bursts like this instead of torturously slow (to everyone but the parents). Thanks to independent artists, good music can be found to use legally in these.

There are many good editing programs. To repeat from an earlier post, I thank my friends for showing me an easy but powerful one, Magix Movie Edit Pro.


Here's some of the tiny movies, I've done so far from the newest to the oldest: