ARCHIVES:  May 24-31, 2005

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May 31, 2005 - Tuesday

My Linguistic Profile

From Beautiful Stuff comes this unofficial test. I spent almost all of my life in Alabama, but I had parents from Idaho. I guess I am a "General American."

Your Linguistic Profile:

75% General American English
10% Upper Midwestern
5% Dixie
5% Midwestern
5% Yankee



May 30, 2005 - Monday

Memorial Day 2005


The nation which forgets its defenders will be itself forgotten.

Calvin Coolidge


I had an unusual experience this morning. About two miles into my walk, I saw a Great Blue Heron. These beautiful majestic birds are often seen in Aldridge Creek, hunting for fish. They have a wingspan of 6 feet, easily. One morning, a heron flew right in front of me. I was awed by its size and grace.

Today, I saw one sitting in the water like a duck. I've always seen them standing or walking, but never sitting. They are very shy, but I took what pictures I could. The bird stayed there so I slowly walked a little closer and took more photos. The heron still did not move.

Finally, I realized that something was wrong. When I got right up close, the heron tried to stand, almost as if to show me that it's leg was stuck under the water. I watched the heron struggle to no avail.

This was breaking my heart. I decided to try a rescue. The heron was near the water's edge and I had a long umbrella.

Suddenly, I saw a nose come out of the water. The heron was being held down by a large snapping turtle! I began to throw rocks at the turtle. It finally let loose of the leg and the heron flew off. At least it still had a foot that looked fully attached. Darn snapping turtles!



May 29, 2005 - Sunday

Cute Downloadable Family Tree Chart

Thanks to Jennifer C. for this link to a nice-looking family tree chart (free). It's easy to print out and fill in.



May 28, 2005 - Saturday

Chuck's Chuckles

My friend, Chuck Bobo, is a good joke-teller, mc and all-around conversationalist (not to mention a great genealogist, publisher and reunion organizer). He and I are posting some of his jokes online. I wish I had some way to record conversations directly from MSN Messenger. I use Total Recorder, but it won't pick up these kinds of conversations.

I use a little recording stick and hold it up to my computer speakers. Things are a bit scratchy, but easy enough to understand. If you like a good ole joke, check here --> Chuck's Chuckles.



May 27, 2005 - Friday

My Photo Blog Right Here

TextAmerica hosts my photo blog where I upload new pictures every day (so far). They have a nice new trick. I can post access to the entire site right here. (There' s a little arrow at the bottom to cycle through the pictures.) I love this except that I wish there was not so much wasted space to the right in some of the images.

Click on any little image to view it on the right in a larger size, then click on the larger one to go to the site and see an even bigger image with comments.

TextAmerica offers free space to anyone who wants to sign up -- very nice.




May 26, 2005 - Thursday

Ghetto Chics

Here's another funny picture from Lil S. Those ghetto chics are up to no good.

 Well, okay, I guess they are really ghetto ducks. It quacks me up. (Sorry! I could not resist.)



May 25, 2005 - Wednesday

Amazing Carved Melons

Here's some unusual carved melons, a example that art can be made out of anything or an example of someone with too much time on their hands.



May 24, 2005 - Tuesday

Manners Around the World and Emperor Palpatine

Would you like to take a world tour? First, you may want to brush up on what is considered polite from one country to the next. Here's a fun quiz of 11 questions to test your politeness (thanks to Lil S.).

I scored an 8 out of 11. I was getting every question right, but I had the TV on. All of a sudden they had Ian McDiarmid who played Palpatine from Star Wars III doing an interview -- I got distracted and my manners flew out the window. (He is one witty guy and gave a fantastic interview. I love the twinkle in his eye.)