My name is Lorin Gardypie and I am a Men's Northern Traditional Pow-Wow dancer. I am from the Beardy's & Okemasis First Nation in Saskatchewan, Canada.

In our culture we have many different styles of dance and songs. Each song or dance has it's own origin or meaning. Most styles signifying humbleness and respect for mother earth and all the creator's gifts.

I have written a story called "Winds Of Direction". This story is told on stage through traditional song and dance it's a story of two young people who grew up together. At a very young age they were separated (their paths drifted apart) much as the winds often change in our daily lives. Through out their time apart they grew up and still longed for each other just as the winds drifted them apart they eventually brought them back together as adults.She became a beautiful young women and he a fine warrior. Just as they are about to reunite, another warrior is interested in her hand in marriage. In the end the two warriors do much battle to win her love. Through out the story all different styles of dance both men and women are a show cased on stage.The story comes about with the help of the narrator who is also a beautiful singer.

All the dancers have been dancing for the majority of their lives and do so for the love of the song, dance, and tradition of the way of life in general. The ability to put a smile on a stranger face and a warm feeling inside makes this traditional lifestyle all worth while.

Through a dazzling array of dance, song, color and sound we hope to entertain and leave a lasting impression on everyone who is watching our show.

Under the direction of Lorin Gardypie

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