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Little Dock

What's New

11 June 2005

I'm back briefly; I've added info about a 1966 performance at Appalachian State University.

As usual, if you've got any performance info, let me know. The new email is longtimecoming AT I do have an additional picture to add, but I need to dig through 2-yr old emails to find out who's supposed to be credited. Given my track record, it could be a while.

18 March 2003

I've finally gotten around to adding the rest of the treasure trove of stories Reed sent me. I urge you to check these out; great stuff.

That's all I've got for now, so if anyone else out there has a interesting Dock-related story to tell, email me.

22 February 2003

I just created a 'stories of Dock' page, where anecdotes & interesting tales of Dock can be shared. Special thanks to Reed Martin for sending me a handful of stories, the first of which is currently available. I'll be including the others in the near future, as well as uploading a nice picture Reed was nice enough to share. If you have any stories to share, send them my way & I'll upload them for all to read (time permitting, of course).

23 May 2002

John Byrne Cooke has generously provided me with 5 new outstanding pictures that he personally took of Dock back in the 60's. Visit the picture gallery to take a look at them.

I also encourage you to check out his site for a number of great pictures of other performers (many traditional) of the 60's. It's well-worth a visit.


23 January 2002

I've updated the covers page with information provided to me ages ago. Sorry for the delay.

29 November 2001

I can proudly say that I have updated the Perfomances page, thanks to John Byrne Cooke. He not only provided me with the venue, but also verified the dates of the two shows at Club 47 in Cambridge, MA, July 1963. I have also removed references to a June 1963 show at Club 47 as this show does not seem to have occurred. If anyone has information that says otherwise, please let me know & I'll update accordingly.

Also, I noticed a good number of my related links were broken, so I corrected or removed them as necessary. If you ever come across these problems, please let me know & I'll fix them right up.

19 November 2001

I've found a new home for the sites. They now reside at While this means there will now be advertising, Angelfire was one of the few places where I could get enough web space for the sites & future sites that I am slowly working on.

In a few days, will redirect you to the new location. The site, at its old location (, will most likely not be available past Wednesday, November 21st. If it remains there, please note that this version will no longer be updated. In the meantime, I would recommend using, as this will redirect you to appropriate location.

9 November 2001

Well, I've been away for quite a while. I don't have any Dock Boggs informational updates, although I have one important announcement. Regrettably, I'm going to have to move I'm trying to find some free web space (which will probably constitute those annoying ads & all I can say is sorry). At this time, I haven't found a permanent location, but I'll keep you all updated.

I'm going to try my best to get the site moved by Thanksgiving, as that's when I expect the site (at its current location) to be unavailable. If you haven't heard from me about a new location, check back occasionally at This URL will redirect you wherever the site takes root.

If anyone's aware of a good place for free web space, preferably about 25 MB, please send me an email to let me know. (Remove NOSPAMISA before you send the email.)

16 December 2000

I have included some links to listen to snippets of Real Audio excerpts from Excerpts From Interviews With Dock Boggs (FA 5458). These excerpts are also available at the following URL.

These interview excerpts can be accessed from my audio page.

7 December 2000

I fixed an annoying frame-related problem that you would run into if you jumped from one of my sites to another and you were using Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Besides some other miscellaneous cosmetic changes, I have also added links to more of the liner notes from the Anthology of American Folk Music. To see the documentation on Sugar Baby or Country Blues, select the corresponding links.

25 November 2000

I have made a few minor corrections to the site. I corrected a typographical error on one of the articles I transcribed. Thanks for pointing that out, Joel!. I also added the cover art to the Discography page for the Legendary Singer & Banjo Player Disc (DI-111, 1964), which I found while wandering around on eBay. I also got some important assistance from Wally Marx, Jr. regarding the Dock Boggs' Performace page. While doing some research on Dock's time in Minnesota, he was able to obtain the actual date for the Walker Art Center/Guthrie Theater performance. Please see the Performances page if interested. If anyone believes they can offer any assistance to Wally in his research, drop me a line.

As usual, if anyone has any tidbits of information that would help strengthen this site, it would be appreciated. Please feel free to drop me a line (email), whether you have found a typo or you have information to share.

21 September 2000

No new material to report. I have literally made no changes to any of the sites for a few months. I have been without a computer at home, thanks to the erasure of my hard drive and the subsequent crash of my motherboard. Needless to say, I have finally purchased a new computer.

As I stated, I lost my hard drive, so there may have been some emails to which I may not have responded. With the crash, I lost some materials for all three sites that I had regretfully failed to back up. All in all, I didn't lose much material with regards for the three current sites. However, I had done quite a bit of leg work for a future site, which, alas, was lost. So, it may be a while before any future sites come of age.

Finally, my standard plea: if anyone has any relevant material (i.e., pictures, articles, interviews and their ilk), please feel free to send a copy my way. I still dream of the day that someone sends me an article to transcribe for the site.

28 May 2000

As you may know, I have been busy adding material to my Jug Stompers site; however, I have began a Dock Boggs Covers page thanks to information provided by Simon Ladell. If anyone can add to this, please get in contact.

13 April 2000

I've added a couple images of some Dock Boggs 78's on my Discography page. Please note that the images themselves are hyperlinks to larger images.

Also, it has been suggested that I start a Dock Boggs cover page, i.e. a page that details performers/groups that have covered a Boggs tune. If you are aware of any, please send them to me because I would like to compile them and add them to my site as I get them. If possible, please send the song, album, performer/group, label, year of release, and album number, if you are aware of it. If you don't know all that information, send me what you know.

Finally, I would still like to add tablaturess of Dock Boggs' songs to this site. I've gotten quite a few suggestions asking me to do so. If anyone can help out by tabbing one up, please let me know. Regretfully, I am not musically-capable enough to do this myself.

30 March 2000

There's not much new going on at Long Time Coming: Dock Boggs. I have added a little more information about Shady Grove, the only-known video of Dock performing, to the discography and compilation album pages.

Otherwise, after waiting at least 9-10 months, I see that this page has finally turned up on some search engines, which is welcome news. Please remember that I'll accept any new information regarding Dock that you can throw my way.

19 March 2000

I have added excerpts of the liner notes of Anthology of American Folk Music (FA 2953, 1952),(SFW 40097, 1997) regarding Dock Boggs. They are image files of Harry Smith's write-up of Dock's two performances on this anthology. Click on the songs, "Sugar Baby" and "Country Blues", to view the material. 5 March 2000

Nothing really new besides the fact that Long Time Coming: Dock Boggs has a new home at I have placed a redirect at the original site that takes you to the new location. If there are any problems, please let me know. Also, I am finally placing Long Time Coming: Pretty Boy Floyd online. Like Long Time Coming: Dock Boggs, it's probably not much right now. Hopefully, it will continue to grow and become a useful resource for Pretty Boy Floyd scholars. Please note that I am refering to Pretty Boy Floyd the outlaw and bank robber and not Pretty Boy Floyd the glam rock band or Pretty Boy Floyd the boxer. Please feel free to check it out if the desire strikes you and send me an email with any criticisms, comments, complaints, or suggestions. I will continue to add what I can to Long Time Coming: Dock Boggs; however, I have been having difficulties finding new material. As always, if you are aware of any new material and can direct me to it, please send me an email.

19 February 2000

Not much new going on. I was going to add a little from Greil Marcus' Invisible Republic, but I cannot seem to find my copy. Odds are it is over a thousand miles away, so it might take a while before I can get my hands on it once more. Regardless, I have tried to reorganize the site once more to compensate for the lack of any new material. I have created album pages for the original three Dock Boggs albums released by Folkways Records. The information was previously available from the page devoted to His Folkways Years 1963 - 1968, so this is nothing new. While doing this, I have found what seems like numerous typos and errors and have corrected them. If anyone has anything to add to this site, please let me know & I'll make sure it gets posted.

Please note that this page will be moving eventually. I will make you aware of the new location.

One person has emailed, suggesting that I add the tablatures of Dock Boggs music. Having never touched a banjo and barely being able to determine the guitar chords of a song, I am unable to do this. If anyone can do this and would like to, please let me know and I will gladly post the finished product to this site.

Long Time Coming: Pretty Boy Floyd is almost complete. It is taking me longer than I originally thought. However, I am currently adding the finishing touches before I put it on the web.

21 January 2000

How's it look? Yep, the remodeling is over. I have a few more things planned that I can add to Long Time Coming: Dock Boggs before I totally run out of information sources. Expect those somewhere in the near future. Anyway, if anyone ever has anything to say or add about Dock Boggs or my site, please email me. I got that intolerably slow email address solely for this website, but I have realized that it has been entirely unnecessary. If you're the quiet type, get some people persons to come to Long Time Coming and make some suggestions of some sort. If you think I'm being too personable in these little updates and that it is destroying the mood I have created for this website, let me know. As a final note, I'm very close to finishing Long Time Coming: Pretty Boy Floyd or at least the first web-worthy draft of it. Anyone who is interested -- stay tuned.

20 January 2000

The remodeling continues here at Long Time Coming. I've added album covers to both the discography and miscellaneous albums page. If you have an album and can scan the cover for me, I'd be much obliged. A few of the cover arts that I borrowed off the web aren't the greatest of images, so if you're in the mood to help me improve those pages, just send me an email. As usual, I'm still looking for any new material. Even if you could just give me a shove in the right direction.

13 January 2000

There hasn't been too much going on at Long Time Coming: Dock Boggs headquarters recently. I have begun using Tables to remodel the entire site. Nothing spectacular, but when finished, it will be much easier to add new material. I am adding a few album covers that I have collected, but other than that not much new material. If anyone can point me to some new additions, it would be much appreciated. I want this site to become the one-stop source for information on Dock Boggs.

11 December 1999

I've added a picture gallery; it's not much, but that's all the pictures available to me at this time. I have also finished updating all the "Comment" tags, so feel free to email me all kinds of comments without worrying that your email gets into the wrong hands. While doing all this, I realized that I never uploaded the lyrics to the 78's that Dock cut. Did anyone notice this? If so, where were all the angry emails? Or has no one actually looked at that section? Despite the odds favoring that the answer to the last question I posed is most likely yes, I have now uploaded the lyrics to the 78's, or if you will, Country Blues. So feel free to glance at them.

8 December 1999

I've updated most of the "Comment" tags. The only ones yet to be updated are the "Lyric" ones. So that begs the question, "Does anyone have any comments?" Anyone.

7 December 1999

I'm back. After settling into my new job and setting up my Internet connection, I'm all ready to add more information about Dock Boggs. Of course, I really don't have any info at this time, so I'm gonna have to go to the library one of these days & see what I can find. As usual, if you have anything I don't have, send it here, no matter its size. I just stumbled into a heap of web space, so I have room for whatever you can give me.

No major changes this time around. I tried to optimize the few pictures I have, so hopefully those should load faster now. I'm also in the middle of editing each page's "Comment" tag with my new email address.

By the way, if you see anything wrong with these pages (i.e. something just doesn't look right), let me know so I can fix it. I noticed today at work that a few of my pages don't look right when viewed with Microsoft's Internet Explorer. I've tried to check from time to time, but that's hard to keep up with. So, if you run into any problems, let me know your browser and the problem and I'll try to correct it. I gotta keep Long Time Coming: Dock Boggs looking nice or I won't get any huge corporate sponsors. ;-)

24 November 1999

Once again, nothing new, but I just wanted to give my new email address in case anyone has anything to add or ask. If you want to contact me, email me here. I have not yet had the chance to edit all the "Comment" links yet, so beware.

10 November 1999

Nothing new, but I just wanted to give you all a little note. I just recently got a job, so I will be away from my computer for about a week or two. So there probably won't be any significant additions, if there's any at all. Although I haven't received any e-mails regarding Dock Boggs in quite a while, my current email address will remain the same for the next couple weeks. However, I'll be sure to keep you abreast of any email changes.

4 November 1999

Not too many additions this time around. I've done some housekeeping, trying to organize a little here & there. I've made a few changes to the "Performances" section, although the going is slow. If anyone out there has the littlest tidbit of information regarding any Dock Boggs performance, be it only the venue, the date, or even the nth song performed, please let me know.

31 October 1999

Happy Halloween! And what better way to celebrate than with a lengthy Dock Boggs transcription. I have just completed the most massive transcription I have ever attempted. After who knows how many hours, I have transcribed the interview excerpts provided in the original liner notes from Excerpts From Interviews With Dock Boggs (FA 5458). I hope you enjoy reading parts of this interesting and informative interview, edited by Mike Seeger of course. As always, thanks to him for taking the time to interview Dock and thanks to Folkways for releasing the record. As of now, I believe I am out of "new" information to add to Long Time Coming: Dock Boggs. If anyone could direct me to any "new" sources of information, be they old magazine interviews or articles from Sing Out! or Broadside or anything else related to Dock Boggs, I would be most thankful. Finally, feedback is always welcome, either positive or negative. Specifically, is this site worthy of visiting? A good source of information? Have I violated a copyright of yours? ;-) If so, let me hear it.

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