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Because He lives, I can face tomorrow. This is the common thread that holds my life and this web site together. Jesus Christ and my mate is my rock my total being. And I always want to give Him the glory for all things.

My site is divided into eight categories.

CATEGORY ONE is Patriotism. Please take a few moments and view our Patriotism Page. Read about the Crying Eagle and see what causes him to cry; how the Presidency has gained the respect of the military, along with other Patriotic articles. And remember to always pray for AMERICA. Updated 02-14-04

CATEGORY TWO is dedicated as a Tribute To Our Son ® ™ who was brutally murdered. We are sharing our story of the feelings of grief and heart break and how we are dealing with it on the Memory Page® ™ . Our prayer is that through sharing our story, if someone else happens to be going through a similar circumstance we hope they receive a blessing from it. We invite you to read the latest article called "The End Of The Road". Updated 08-09-10

CATEGORY THREE is Liberty Bell’s Christian Page. Please visit my Christian page and see God's Prescription for our lives. Take time to read about some of the problems that face us as a Christian people and the world as a whole. Also you will find the plan of Salvation there, along with the Christian library containing articles of faith. A Christian Poetry page has been added to uplift your heart and soul with nothing but Christian poems. Updated 06-01-04

CATEGORY FOUR is about life Around Our House. This section will consist of our Testimonies, how we met each other in the 50's and other happenings. My wife also has her page in this category called Ivy's World. This page will consist of her writings, poems and thoughts. Also a recipe page has just been added. Updated 03-17-09

CATEGORY FIVE is called A True Son. He has been our 'Rock' through some very hard times. We also invite you to visit our son's website, Patriot's Corner ,which consists of Christian and Patriotic articles written by him and others and also on family life. Updated 09-21-02

CATEGORY SIX is Family Memories which will be articles written about some of our very special family members who have departed this life. These three men has had more influence in our life than any other that I know. Read about a A Special DaddyalsoMy Dad andA Special Brother. Updated 06-19-02

CATEGORY SEVEN tells about some special people we have met down the different paths of our life. Too often we fail to tell people what they mean to us and this is our way of giving a 'bouquet of flowers' to these special people. A sister in law who is really Our Sis. And an elderly couple who has been like a Second Mom and Dad. Two special people that has beenDear Friends to us in a time in our life when we had a special need. Updated 02-15-12

CATEGORY EIGHT is the Humor spot. Funnie's At The Bell Everyone needs a laugh now and then in their life!! Updated 03-31-04

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My web site will be designed to fit the needs of individuals who are searching for a life free from the hurt of this world today. I will write articles about dealing with the loss of love ones, about God's Love and tell you of some of the ways He has helped my family and I. Some of the articles featured on my site will be written by me. Some of them will come from my Christian Library and some will be from guest writers. As I make progress with the site there will be other links added to deal with different issues. All articles that appear on the site will convey Christian Freedom and American Liberty. There will be times that I will inject humor on my site for I believe that God also intends for us to laugh. Sometimes it even helps to laugh at yourself!!

I was born in rural Amite County Mississippi. I spent most of my adult years in the state of Louisiana working in the automobile industry. I was employed by Walker Oldsmobile as Parts and Service Director. I retired in 1982 and moved back to rural Amite County in 1985. We have now moved back to Louisana to the same subdivision with in two blocks of where we moved from.

My wife and I have now found a church home at Pineville First Baptist church. Please pray that we have found the place that God has for us here, to worship and serve Him and that each and everything we do will be a witness and testimony for Him.

We enjoy traveling by RV, visiting the National Parks, camping, NFL and OLE MISS Football.

Audis Dawson
E-mail LibertyBell with comments or questions.

IT'S NOT A CHOICE, It's A LIFE. Please consider the sinful, emotional and moral consequences that will follow you for life because you took a life.

Statistics prove that out of all the patients who enter the door of an abortion clinic only half of them come back out alive.

The story of A Mother To Love tells you how GOD feels about one of His innocent babies being one of theses statistics. Please take time to read it.

Just remember God doesn't forget and neither should we. I think that we will have the 2008 election on our minds for a long time. Remember to vote conservative in 2010. I have always advocated voting conservative we didn't in 2008 and look where we are at today. Our troops needs our prayers. And let us not become complacent and lose the election in 2010. Because we have a few good things going for us right now.Please start praying now for the election of a Christian conservative president in 2012. How many times can you count that we have had a conservative Christan President?

This and more has been done. Let's not forget to thank God and give Him the glory. Because He says that all things is possible through Him. I do believe that God had His hand upon the election in 2000 and 2004. Now is the time to start Praying for 2010 and 2012. LIBERTYBELL says a great big thank you for all your prayers and support for our country and our troops.

Jesus Inside

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Want you please pray for the unborn? Just remember the life that is saved could be the president of our great country some day.

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Please pray for our president. "Show me a sign for good, That those who hate me may see it and be ashamed, Because you , Lord, have helped me and comforted me." PSALM 86:17.

PLEASE PRAY that God will cause our President to turn to Him and then perhaps he will let Him guide his life and his decisions. Especially the decisions that affect our country. Because he asked for the job and America gave it to him and we have the right to ask him to do the very best job that he can. In my opinion he has let America down big time. He has not allowed God to have any part in his life. Everything is just a big joke and fun. His life consist of partying and when he does get serious it is just to run America down when he is at home and especially when he is abroad. He certainly doesn't need God to help him with that.