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LairMusic Resources: Publications, Club Directories, Indie Promotion Sites...the Reference Library

This reference collection is as much for my own benefit as anything: a handy table of links to information with little interconnection, to save me the time and effort of surfing fruitlessly all over the cyberuniverse hunting them down. Like most of our LairLink collections, this one barely scratches the surface considering all that's out there. Just a little timesaving tool, y'know, that's all...


Lairs Where Local Musicians Lurk: Seattle-Area Pubs, Clubs and Club Directories

SEA live Music: Seattle's Best Concerts, In-Stores and More (Music Blog)
Seattle Citysearch Directory
MoPop: Museum of Pop Culture (formerly known as the Experience Music Project): Music + Sci-Fi + Pop Culture
Seattle Folklore Society Concert Schedule
Richard Gillman's Seattle Folk Venues and Schedules
Conor Byrne's: An Irish Pub in Ballard
Fiddler's Inn (New Url!)
Shawn O'Donnell's in Fremont (not the Smith Tower Pub)
Murphy's Pub (Wallingford)
The Olde Pequliar (Ballard)
The Tractor Tavern (Ballard)
The Hopvine (Capitol Hill): They say their famous open mic will be on again soon!
The Crocodile Cafe: Soon to reopen in a NEW Belltown location!
Owl & Thistle (Downtown Irish Pub): Everout Listing
The Contour Club
Kells Irish Pub (Pike Place Market)
The Stranger's Seattle Bars and Clubs Directory
The Stranger's Weekly Live Music Listings

Music Promotion and Reference LairLinks

U.S. Copyright Office Homepage
Musician's Atlas: The 2014 Edition
Spotify: Artists Section
Bandcamp: Artists' Section
Pandora: Artists' Playbook Where Serious Musicians Surf Since 1996
MusicDish e-Journal: Still Here, but now based in China.
Disc Makers: CD Duplication and Much More!
Oasis CD Manufacturing: Duplication, Promotion Guides & More The World's Leading Indie A&R Company
Online Rock: Empowering Musicians
Record Labels & Companies Guide: A tad dominated at present...
National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Homepage
City of Seattle Office of Arts & Culture Well-written guide to the best places to promote and distribute music on the Internet Advice Library
SongRamp: Independent Music hub--directory, downloads, mp3's etc.
FundsNetServices: Directory of Arts and Culture Funders Educating about Music on the Net
Dusty Strings: The Online Music Shop
MusicFestNW: The Portland, OR-Based Music Showcase formerly known as NXNW
Indie88's Guide to Canadian Music Festivals
FolkMusic.Org: It's seriously out of date, yet this Folk Alliance compendium is still up and running.
Songwriters Guild of America
Seattle Folklore Society Performer Info Page

Underground Web of Lairs: Independent Musician's Resources

Indie Music Website: Independent Music Directory Band Registry Website
Musicians (Archived): Articles, tutorials, freeware, links resources for getting music online
Music Biz Academy: Indie Music Directory
Top Music Magazines and Publications to Follow in 2021
Kathode Ray Music for Independent Musicians
Independent Artist Services
Art of the Solo Performer: Invaluable advice, articles and Lotsa LairLinks
Internet Underground Music Archive (IUMA): Wayback 2005 Edition
MuseNet Website
Pax Acidus: Underground Arts Collective
Ode to Icarus: The Undermind Arts Collective
Big Meteor Publishing
Big Meteor's Indie Link Exchange Top Sheet Music, Instruction and Resource Site
All Access Website Independent Music Resource
Songwriters Directory
Songwriter's Resource Network
Musician's Friend
Rocka Records: a/k/a
Hitsquad Website
Pause Record: Music Resource and Event Finder Site
Musician's Guide Website
CD Baby: Selling Indie Music CD's Worldwide
Musician's Contact: Promotion services and LairLinks...
Joe's Production & Grille Inc.: Music for Independent People
Ladyslipper: Women's Music Distributor
Nyree Belleville's Website: Independent Musician and Author
Association for Independent Music Indie Music Essentials
Mary 4 Music: Links and Indie Resource Directory
The Music Network by Mala Waldron: Online Showcases for Unsigned Acts
Music Crunch: Resources for Local Bands
Studio Referral Service Website
Illuminopolis Gigmasters Website Indie Artist CD Distributor
Indiespace: Independent Artists' Web Host



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