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Music to My Furry Ears: Our Favorite Artists' LyricLairs

Like the LairMistress, many of our favorite artists and bands include pages with lyrics, and sometimes MP3's and/or .wav files, on their sites. Okay, so we don't have our MP3's out yet. The LairMistress is Flat Busted Broke at present, or she'd get the DAT of her first studio demo shrunk and pressed into CD format to make MP3's with this afternoon! I also want to do more recording as soon as possible, but it seems you already have to be Rich and Famous to get a CD made these days! That said, does anyone have a four-track mixer (#affiliatelink) we could borrow (or otherwise slink off with) sometime, so our first CD release can be made before I reach retirement age?!! Thanks in advance!


LyricLairs: Arranged by Artist in a Haphazard Fashion

The LairMistress's Own LyricLair
Liam Clancy's Lyrics Page
Jason Webley Recordings & Lyrics Page
Tommy Makem and The Makem Brothers' Discography & Lyric Index
Robbie O'Connell's Online Songbook
Dick Gaughan's Song Lyric Index
Judy Collins Lyrics Page
Joan Baez Original Lyrics
Steve Goodman Lyrics Collection
Arlo Guthrie Lyrics Page
Songs by Pete Seeger
Bob Dylan Song Lyrics
Gordon Lightfoot Song List
Robert Burns Lied and Song Texts (from German Lied/Song Site)
Loreena McKennitt Discography and Lyrics
Clannad Sounds and Lyrics
Heatherlands: Heather Alexander Lyrics Pages
Tanja Solnik Discography/Lyrics/Sound Samples (Jewish Folksongs in Hebrew, Yiddish and Ladino)
Capercaillie Lyrics Page
Dougie Maclean's Lyrics
Judy Small's Discography w/ Some Lyrics
The Songbook of Joe Bethancourt
Christy Moore: Click on Lyrics and Tabs
Mary Black's Discography: Click on album photos, then on song titles, to access lyrics.

AudioLairs, MP3's, RA and Wav Files: Lurk Before You Buy The Logical MP3 Starting Point Sound Samples by Practically Everybody
Saghir Ahmad's Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan SongLair
Jason Webley's MP3 Collection Rhapsody-based P2P music provider
Israel Midi: Jewish Folksong Midi Downloads
Magical Strings Discography & MP3 Soundclips (Requires MP3 Player download)
World Cafe: WXPN Online: Online Radio, Artist Links and Sound Files
Gordon Bok's Catalogue: Click on Album Photos for some MP3 and .Wav files
Tempest Discography Page with MP3 Song Samples
Folk Web: RealAudio Folk Radio and Resources on Undiscovered Folk Talent
The IRANIAN's Music:Artists Page (RealAudio versions of Iranian folk and popular music)
Linda Allen's Discography and MP3 Page
Loreena McKennitt Sound Files
Mediaeval Baebes' Discography (includes "Undrentide" lyrics and "The Rose" audio samples)
Heatherlands: Heather Alexander Audio Files Includes both Soundfiles and some Lyrics
Karen Beth & Stardance Music: RealAudio Files

Generic SongLairs, Directories, Bootlegs, and Other Stuff that Defies Pigeonholing...

The Mudcat Digitrad Lyrics Database
King Laoghaire's Ballad Archive
Yet Another Digital Tradition: Song indices with and without tunes...
NEW FIND! Celtic Lyrics Corner
Clár Cinn le hÁine Cooke: Great Irish-language Song Lyric Collection, with Even Better Music LairLinks Page!
Amhran Gaelach: The Gaelic Song Archive
Alex Blue Pages: Collection of Lyrics for 400 Folk/Blues/Gospel songs
The Pagan Library: Music and Poetry
Foxes' Covert: Irish Folksong Lyrics Archive
The Celtic Lyrics Collection
Australian Folk Songs
BardicArts Homepage: Pagan/goddess song lyrics and poems
The BluegrassNet Songbook (Bluegrass & Old Timey Collection)
CantaLibre Celtic and Folk Lyrics Collection
Stewart Hendrickson's Website and Music Page (Includes song lyrics and fiddle tunes)
Folk Index: Folksongs of the World (Excellent British/Irish/Celtic lyric collections)
FolkLib Index: Massive Directory of Lyrics Sites
The Ballad Tree: Online Folk Resource Including Lyrics The Name Says It All...with Open Directory Search Engine thrown in for good measure
Francis J. Child Ballads: The genuine article...
Joe Sharp's Lyrics Search Engine...YOWW!! (Need I Say More!)
Songs2Play: All the Chords and Lyrics You'll Ever Want
Seppo Niemi's Irish Folk Lyrics Page
The Lyrics Library: Links to Lyrics Sites
The Cantaria Bardic Song Library



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