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The LairLinks Drumming Page

WHAT??!! No Drumming Page? How could I, a tabla and bodhrán player, possibly forget to include a Drumming Page in the LairLinks Complex?!! Alas, it totally slipped my mind for a while. But I have resolved to make amends; so here are the best drumming-related links I have located to date. More will probably be added soon. Enjoy and keep drumming!

MARCH 6, 2018: Hey, folks--I've been needing some new guitar gear, a portable audio recorder and some updated software for a while now, to help me with DIY recording and making new music videos. But the money is extremely tight at the moment. If you can help me raise some funds for these important purchases via my new Musical Gofundme Campaign, I'd be massively grateful! Thanks in advance...


Babatunde Olatunji



I got a bodhran for my 30th Birthday that had a Synthetic head! I had my doubts about this at first; but I was pleasantly Surprised at what a good tone it has, as well as the variety of tones it's Capable of producing. Plus, the skin doesn't require bathing with Guinness in order to function! Hence, I don't hesitate to recommend trying a Remo 4" X 16" Pretuned Bodhran. It might just surprise you too (#AffiliateLink, of course)...


Drummers of the Lair: Have Drums, Must Share Them

Babatunde Olatunji: Drums of Passion
Arthur Hull: The Community Drum Circle
Zakir Hussain and Moment Records
The Ali Akbar College of Music: a Center of Learning for Tabla Players and Indian Classical Musicians for over 30 years.
Tribute to Ustad Alla Rakha (1919-2000)
Alessandra Belloni's Website
Glen Velez Website
Layne Redmond Fan Page
Eternal Music Website: Emam & Friends' Record Label
Buena Vista Drumcircle
360° Net: The World of Mickey Hart: Mickey Hart's Homepage
Seattle Kokon Taiko's Homepage
John's Music Center: THE Drumming Resource Spot in Seattle.
Peter Fagiola's Frame Drumming Site
John Bergamo Homepage
Odd Rhythms (Greek Drumming)
Simone LaDrumma Website
Ladies Don't Drum Website

Drums Themselves and the Societies Who Love Them

Drummers Web
Rhythmweb Homepage
Earth Drum Council Don't Miss this One!
Percucitis: The Midwest Drum Project
Shamanic Drumming Website
RhythmWeb Djembe Page
Vulcana Wolfe Productions: Seattle Women's Drum Circles
Percussive Arts Society Website
International Drumcircle Directory: Based in Colorado
The Drummers' Directory (in Italian and English) The Drummer's Home on the Internet
Djembe-L FAQ Web Links Volume 17
The Rhythm Revolution Homepage
Drummergirl Website
Rolling Thunder: The Taiko Drumming Resource Internet Gateway to the Hand Drum and Dance Community Drums & Percussion on the Internet
Ceolas' Bodhrán Page
Cedar River Drum Company
African Rhythm Traders Website
RootsWorld: The Homepage
The Tabla Site
The Tabla Page
Eric Peters' Doumbek Page
Remo Drums Website
Drums.Org Website
Seattle World Percussion Society: Online home of the Seattle World Rhythm Festival.


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