Steps to make kimchi Sushi


1 sheet of seaweed sheet (7"x8" /18cm x 20cm)
1 bamboo mat
1 tablespoon or fork
cooked glutinous rice
sliced Kimchi


1. Place the seaweed sheet flat on top of the bamboo mat.
2. Lay the glutinous rice on the sheet.
3. Use the tablespoon or hand to spread the rice evenly; press the rice slightly.
4. Put Kimchi evenly in the middle.

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5. Lift up an edge of bamboo mat. Push the rice and Kimchi in.
6. Start rolling, while press the roll firmly.
7. Sometimes, the rice may squeeze out a bit. Use the spoon to pack the rice in or just spoon the extra out.
8. Lift the bamboo mat inch by inch off while rolling.
9. The sushi roll may be in a square or round shape.
10. Cut the roll into 6 to 8 slices.

(1) It is not absolutely necessary to use a bamboo mat to roll the sushi; you may just use a dry seaweed sheet to roll the rice.
(2) I prefer to use a spoon and a fork to place the rice and kimchi, less washing the hands.


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