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Found in western Africa, including Ivory Coast, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and possibly Nigeria and Guinea.

Weight: 158-248 kg)
Height: 0.8 m
Gestation Period: 184-204 days
Life Span: 30-50 years
Habitat: Rivers and swamps in dense forests
Status: Vulnerable
Pygmy Hippopotamus
(Hexaprotodon liberiensis)
Toronto Zoo, July 2007
Exists over 5 million years; had lived in Europe, Asia, Africa and on the island of Madagascar; disappeared from the Nile River delta in Egypt about 200 years ago. Now be found only in central, western, and southern Africa.

Weight: 3.6 metric tons
Height: 1.4-1.7 m
Life span: 30-50 yrs (50 in captivity)
Habitat: Rivers and lakes surrounded by grasslands
Status: Vulnerable (2006)
Common Hippopotamus
(Hippopotamus amphibius)
Toronto Zoo, July 2007
Distinguished feature: mane (mature male). Had lived from Africa to northern Indian; now be found only in northern India and in African Saharan. Wild Population: 400,000 (1950); 16,500-47,000 (2002-2004)

Weight: 330-530 lbs
Gestion Period: 105 days
Life Span: 10-14 yrs (over 20 in captivity)
Habitat: Savannas, grasslands, dense bush and woodlands.

Status: Vulnerable. Endangered in India.
Lion(Panthera leo) National Zoo(USA), Summer 1986
Lioness, Toronto Zoo, July 2007 White Rhinos, Toronto Zoo, July 2007
Exists since Miocene era. Two types of rhinoceros in Africa: white rhinos & black rhinos. The difference is not in the skin colour, but in the shape of the upper lip. The white rhino has a square lip and the black rhino has a hooked lip.

Weight: 2300-3600kgs (male); 1400-1700kgs (female)
Gestation Period: 16 months
Life Span: 35-40 yrs
Habitat: savannas, around water holes, mud hallows

Endagered. Population: 11,330 in the wild.
White Rhino
(Ceratotherium simum)
Toronto Zoo, Summer 1990

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Found in two main regions of the world. Grouped into the Old World monkeys in Africa and Asia and the New World monkeys in Mexico and Latin America.

Gestation Period: 4-8 months, depending on species. Life span: 10-50 years, species depending.

Status: Not protected. Often tolerated in Buddhist countries.
Monkey Toronto Zoo, July 2007
Found in rocky mountains in throughout northern Africa, including Morocco, southern Algeria, northwest Chad and Sudan.. Rare in its native North Africa; Now, been introduced to North America, southern Europe and elsewhere. Drink little water.

Gestation Period: 160 days
Life Span: 10 yrs (20 in captivity)
Native Habitat: Rocky arid mountains

Status: Vulnerable (1996)
Barbary Sheep or Aoudad
(Ammotragus lervia)
Toronto Zoo, July 2007
The largest of the three zebra species; pouplar with the zoos; named after President Grevy of France received a gift of the first specimens from Libria in the 1800s; compared to other zebras, tall, with large ears and narrower stripes. Distribution: northern Kenya, Somalia and eastern Ethiopia.

Gestation Period: 390-400 days
Life Span: 18 yrs (25-40 in captivity)
Habitat: Savannas, treeless grassland ro open woodland

Status: Endangered; wild population - 2,000-2,5000.
Grevy's Zebra (Equus grevyi) Toronto Zoo, July 2007

The largest living land animal; one of the 2 species of elephants; the other is the smaller Asian elephant.

Weight: 5-6 metric tons
Height: 2.5-4 m
Gestation Period: 22-24 months
Life Span: 60 yrs (80 in captivity)
Habitat: moist broadleaf forests, flooded grasslands, savannas, woodlands.

Status - Vulnerable
African Elepaht (Loxodonta africana) Toronto Zoo, July 2007
The biggest subspecies of giraffe. The tallest of all land-living animal. Originally, lived throughout Africa but now lives only in Kenya and Tanzania.

Height: 5.5 m (male), 4.9 m (female)
Gestation Period: 14-15 months
Life Span: 20-25 yrs (28 in captivity
Habitat: Wooded savannas, open woodlands

Status: Not threatened (low risk on IUCN list)
Masai Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) Toronto Zoo, July 2007

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