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The Peak (Hong Kong Island, 1988)

Trail to Pokfulam Reservoir Pokfulam Reservoir
West Side of The Peak South View over The Aberdeen


Trail north of Pokfulam Reservoir Pokfulam
West of the Peak Sheung Wan

A quiet hiking and jogging trail leading from the Pokfulam Reservoir up to the top of The Peak. There were bomb shelters carved into the mountain and a battery with reinforced magazines along the trail. The structures were intended for the defense of Hong Kong in WW II. The Japanese invasion was, however, mounted from the east side of the island and most of the fighting took place east of the trail. In the defense of Hong Kong, the 15,000 strong British garrison also included the Hong Kong Chinese Regiment, the Hong Kong Volunteer Regiment, and two battalions from Canada. Up to 1997, signs of these structures still were visible.

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