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Chinese Cloisonne

Cloisonne is a technique of decorating metal objects with coloured fillings - glass or enamel. This technique was used in Europe and the Near East and was likely introduced by Mongols to China. In Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), it had developed to the present art form, more sophisticated and refined.

Vase (Gilded Cloisonne; Modern)

Enamelled Items

The items are tarnished by soaking in a copper sulphate solution to make a bluish black coating.
Brass Vase(East India) Enamelled & Hand-Carved
25.8cm/10.2" H, 18.3cm/7.2" dia
EP Copper Vase Teapot (Canada) Enamelled & Lacquered
14.5cm/5.7" H, 27.5cm/10.8" L

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