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Dish Kettle
Doo-Seun Kim

A distinguished international
artist specialized in celadon earthenware.

Founded Seorabeol Pottery kiln
in Gyeongju, South Korea.

More than 60 exhibitions in
Japan, England, Brazil,
United States, Canada, ....

Sillarian Potteries, acquired in 2005 Artist

Celadon-type Vase (North America) Kneeling Terracotta Warrior (Museum Souvenir)
Purple Clay Teapots (20th Century)
Purple Clay Bull Jar Horse Plate (UK)

Royal Souvenirs

Souvenir Plate - King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra
Celebrating the reign of the monarch
Silver Jubilee Souvenir(1977)
Silver Jubilee Plate (1977) Gold Jubilee Plate (2003)

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