Copiah County Body Servants of Confederate Soldiers

Extracted by Linda Durr Rudd

Arnold, JohnAlbert B DouglasSep 1863-Close of WarCo A, 36th Miss-
Arthur, GeorgeWm Slay1861-1865Co B, 16th Miss-
Bailey, HenryJulean Hulburt1861-1865Co G, 36th MissWounded in back at Farmington near Corinth. Surrendered at Richmond, Va
Brentley, DavidLieut Tom PerryMay 1863-for about 1 year--
Brown, AnthonyHenry Johnson1864-1865- Wounded in hand and shoulder at Fair River, Miss, Aug 1864
Byrd, TonyCapt I V Enochs1863-Surrender- -
Cawley, LewisCornel PhillipsJul 1863-SurrenderCo K, 36th Miss-
Campbell, WilliamRichard Wash1862-18646th MissWounded in hand at Baker's Creek-Jul 1864-Surrendered in Alabama
Christmas, AlbertCalvit Roberts1863-1865Co D, 7th Star Battery-
Clay, HenryJ K P MillsapsApr 1862-Jul 1863Co E, 36th Miss-
Cleveland, RobertJ E Tally1862-SurrenderCo A, Cavalry Miss Rgt-
Coleman, JosephDan Wilson1862-1865Co H, 1st Miss Cavalry-
Collins, WillisMajor Townsend1862-1865Co B Powers Regt -
Cotton, HenryHam McKey, Sr1863-1865Woods RgtSurrendered at Gainsville, Ga
Daniels, WilliamJ M Daniels1862-1865Co E, 36th Miss-
Davis, JakeGeorge Speed1863-1864Magruder's Cavalry-
Davis, WestleyErvin Pierce1861-1863- -
Davis, WillisCapt E W Brown1863-Surrender36th Miss Infantry-
Divinity, HowardRobert "Bob" Marion Scott1861-Close of WarCo D, 12th Miss-
Durr, SimonCapt Robert Jacob DurrOct 1862-Close of WarCo A, 39th Miss Infantry-
Farley, JamesT A Holliday, Sr1862-Close of WarCo E, 4th MissSurrendered at Gainsville, Ala
Ford, VirgilS L Ford1862 - Fall of Port HudsonCo E, 39th Miss-
Johnson, ClarkWilliam Baldwin1861-1865Co H, 9th MissSurrendered at Cuthert, Ga
Johnson, SilasEmmit A Butler1861-1863Brown Rebels, 18th Miss-
Jones, BillieCalvin Wade1862-1864Co G, 18th Miss-
Jones, WilliamGen Barksdale1861-1863Co G, 18th MissWounded in left leg at Battle of Fredricksburg, 1863. At home with wounded master at time of surrender.
Lawrence, LeviJeff Lawrence1863-SurrenderCo. F, 38th Miss-
Leach, EdS P McRaeNov 1861-SurrenderMaj Roberts Co
Gen Adams Rgt
Longino, JakeW S Longinoall during warCo A, 22nd RgtSurrendered at Bentonville, N C
Lord, WyatteWilliam Pool1862-1865--
Marshall, CharlesHenry Berkley1861-1865Co E, 15th Miss-
McGowan, DempsyElisha Sumrall1862-2 1/2 years36th Miss-
McNeil, Lake WTom McNair1861-SurrenderCo F, 58th Miss-
Miller, MinyardR N Miller2 years, 6 monthsCo L, Adams Cavalry-
Mitchell, IkeJulian HulbertSept 1862-Close of War Co G, 36th Miss Infantry-
Moody, BanksAlex B Terrell1863-1864Co D, 4th Miss-
Moore, IkeCapt Jack Carnahan1863-1865Co L, Wirt Adams Brigade
Wood's Rgt
Pendleton, AusbonG W Davis1861-SurrenderCo H, 12th Miss-
Pendleton, WrightHeadrick DavisMarch 1862-Aug 1863Co A, 36th Miss-
Perry, CharlesLieut Jones1862-for 3 yearsCo L, Adams BrigadeSurrendered at Jackson, Miss
Perryman, EliJoseph Terry1861-1865Powers Rgt CavalryWounded in arm near Baker's Creek between Vicksburg & Jackson.
Robinson, JimGeorge Speed1862-186336th MissWas sent home before War ended.
Ryan, MartinDaniel RyanFall of 1862-1863--
Sandifer, JerryMajor Norman1861-1865--
Scott, TaylorDr Z J Scott &
Winfield Scott
1863-Close of War36th Miss
Washington Art 5th La
Shoemaker, WilliamGeo B Nelson1863-1865Co A, Bradford's Battalion-
Sidney, ShirlyCol D J Brown1862-SurrenderCo D, 36th Miss-
Smith, ShelbyRoss McCardle1862-Close of WarCo C, 4th Miss Cavalry-
Sojourner, AbeM W Sojourner1862-Close of WarCo C, 36th Miss-
Sojourner, HenryMartin Sojourner1862-1864Co G, 36th MissWounded in arm at Brushy Creek, Miss, Nov 10 1863
Taylor, TomCapt George Ellis1862-1 1/2 yearsCo D, 12th MissMaster was killed.
Tillman, HenryCapt Mack Tillman1864-Surrender46th Miss-
Vincent, AbeBillie Thompson1861-1865Seven Star Artillery-
White, RidleyCharley ShirlandMar 1862-May 1865Co G, 17th Rgt-
Williams, AndersonB F Allen1862-1865Co F, 36th Miss-
Williams, HarrisonDr J M Nelson1862-1863Co E, 16th Miss-

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