Howard Divinity - Confederate Body Servant

Remembering Howard Divinity
1845 - 1930
by Linda Durr Rudd

Howard Divinity was the body servant of Robert “Bob” Marion Scott. Bob Scott was a member of Company D, 12th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry. Company D was also known as Pettus Rifles and Pettus Relief. Bob entered state service March 11, 1861 at Hazlehurst, Copiah County, MS. Howard served as body slave and cook until the close of the war.

Howard was born about 1845 in Mississippi. During the period of slavery, Howard lived in Claiborne County, MS. Robert M. Scott was the son of Robert Bell Scott and Isabella Bell. The senior Robert owned 35 slaves according to the 1860 slave schedule of Claiborne County, MS.

Divinity was known as the champion forager in the whole Confederate army and was called the chicken provider of the Confederacy. He attended National Reunions of Confederate and World Wars veterans in various cities. He spoke before the MS Legislature concerning the Confederate soldier, their widows and servants.

Howard’s pension application indicates that he was twice wounded. He suffered a flesh wound of the arm, at Chancellorsville, on the day Stonewall Jackson died. His second wound occurred at Gettysburg, a flesh wound to the back from a bum shell. At surrender, Howard was at the Appomattox Courthouse.

Howard died in 1930.


1870 - Copiah County, Hazlehurst, MS - Page 176
Howard Divinna, 24
Susan, 22, keeping house
Ritta A., 3
Jessie, 4 months

1880 - Claiborne County, Beat 4, MS - Page 580
Howard Divitty, 30, farmer, MS, ?, KY
Susan, wife, 30, keeping house, MS, ?, VA
Marilla, daughter, 13
Joe, son, 11
Beula, 7

1900 - Copiah County, Pine Bluff, MS - Page 259
Howard Demnitz, head, 1845, 55, married 35 years
Susan, wife, May 1846, 54, 5 births/3 living children
Sun?, daughter, July 1875, 24, divorced, 6 births/6 living children
Jewell, granddaughter, 1890, 11
Alma, granddaughter, 1891, 9
Hester, granddaughter, 1893, 7
Emma, granddaughter, 1895, 5
Judia, granddaughter, 1896, 4
John, grandson, 1899, 1

1910 - Pike County, Beat 4, MS - Page 75
Howard Divinity, 78
Susan, wife, 64 yrs

1920 - Copiah County, Maharris, MS - Page 160
Howard Divinity, 75
Susan, wife, 72
Thurston, grandson, 4


Howard Divinity’s Confederate Pension Application - Microfilm Number: 857
Robert Scott’s Confederate Military Records - Microfilm Number: 4214
Microfilms were found at Mississippi Department of Archives and History.
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