Alexander Markham -- Confederate Body Servant

Remembering Alexander Markham
Body Servant to Henry C. Covington
by Linda Durr Rudd

Alexander Markham was born between 1840 - 1848 in Jefferson County, MS. He was also known as William Markham and Elick/Aleck Markham. His parents were recorded as father Slave Markham, and mother Baberi Markham.

Alexander's slave owner Neil Buie, Jr., resided in Caseyville, Copiah County, MS. Neil was born 04 Oct 1801 in Robeson County, NC, to Neil, Sr., and Dorothy Mercer Buie. Neil, Jr.'s wife was Nancy Smith according to information found on the Buie Homepage.

Neil, Jr., died 08 Oct 1861 in Copiah County, MS. He owned over 80 slaves at the time of his death which were distributed among his children. Alexander "Alick" was among Neil's slave inventory. Alex was given to his daughter, Emily C. Buie Covington. Alexander was described as a boy valued at $850. Emily also received the following slaves from her father: Brice, a man valued at $850, Israel, a man valued at $1500, Emaline and child Andrew valued at $750, and Alice, a girl valued at $175.

Emily's husband Henry C. Covington served as a private with 1st Regiment Mississippi Light Artillery, Company F during the Civil War. Another name for Company F was Braford's Battery. Company F was raised in Lawrence County, Mississippi.

Alexander served as a body servant to Henry during the Civil War. Both were discharged at the close of the war near Mobile, Alabama. Henry's widow Emily, and Alexander both applied for pensions from the former Confederacy. Emily served as a witness for Alex's application.

After the war, Alex settled in Caseyville, MS. He married Sally Williams 14 Sep 1867. The couple's children were: Mary I., Luther, William, John, Alex, Jim, and Luella. According to the 1880 Agriculture Schedule, Alexander owned his own farm with over 220 acres. Alexander left rural Caseyville after losing his land for the town of Brookhaven where his occupation was a gardner. Alexander died 23 Jul 1913 in Brookhaven, MS.


Lincoln County, Caseyville, MS
Page 94
Markham, E., 30, M, B
S., 19, F, B
A., 9/12, M, B

Lincoln County, Caseyville, MS
Markham, William, M, B, 36
Sally, wife, 25
Mary I., daughter, 9
Luther, son, 7
William, son, 4
John, son, 2

1892 Educable Children List
Lincoln County, Red Star, MS
Markham, Aleck
Mary, 20F
Luther, 19M
Billie (Willie), 16M
John, 14M
Alex, 10M
Jim, 8M

Lincoln County, Beat 1, Old Courthouse Pct., MS
ED91-SD7-S6, Page 06
Markhan, Alex, 56, head, January 1844, married 31 years
Sallie, 49, wife, June 1850, 9 births 7 living
Louella, 20, daughter, May 1880
Alex, 17, son, August 1883
James, 15, son, July 1884

Lincoln County, Brookhaven, MS
Markham, E, 66
Sally, Wife, 59 years
This couple was married for forty years and had eight children with six living according to the 1910 census.

Alexander's Death Certificate -- MS1913-12840
Alexander's Confederate Pension Application
Emily Covington's Confederate Pension Application
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1870 Federal Census, Lincoln County, MS
1880 Federal Census, Lincoln County, MS
1900 Federal Census, Lincoln County, MS
1910 Federal Census, Lincoln County, MS
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Mississippi Department of Archives and History

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