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Enjoy the LIVE!!!! sounds of Alan Dalton & Friends by clicking on the song titles below recorded from Twin Oaks and Hillside Bluegrass Festivals. Craig Barnthouse - guitar, lead vocals. Alan Dalton - banjo, harmony vocals. Brian Goodpaster - fiddle. Bryan Spradlin, Sr. - bass, lead & harmony vocals. Bryan Spradlin, Jr. - mandolin, harmony vocals.

Rock Hearts & Lizzie Lou-----------------MP3 Audio
Up This Hill & Down-----------------------MP3 Audio
Hallelujah, I'm Ready To Go--------------MP3 Audio
Bringing Mary Home-----------------------MP3 Audio
Old Old House-------------------------------MP3 Audio
Carolyn, The Teenage Queen-------------MP3 Audio
Drifting With The Tide---------------------MP3 Audio
Mind Your Own Business------------------MP3 Audio
She's More To Be Pitied Than Scolded--MP3 Audio

Pig In A Pen-----------------------------------MP3 Audio
Wheel Hoss------------------------------------MP3 Audio
Blue Moon Of Kentucky---------------------MP3 Audio
Big Mon----------------------------------------MP3 Audio
Raw Hide---------------------------------------MP3 Audio
White Dove------------------------------------MP3 Audio
Shucking The Corn---------------------------MP3 Audio
I've Just Seen A Face-------------------------MP3 Audio
Tell Me Baby----------------------------------MP3 Audio
Foggy Mountain Special----------------------MP3 Audio
Hobo Song-------------------------------------MP3 Audio
Lonesome Fiddle Blues-----------------------MP3 Audio
DFIL / I'm A Rambler------------------------MP3 Audio
Moonlight, Midnight---------------------------MP3 Audio
Orange Blossom Special----------------------MP3 Audio

Alan Dalton Banjo