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Barnthouse & Dalton Official Homepage

Alan Dalton Interview @ WorldwideBluegrass.Com with Gracie Muldoon

*****Photos from Barnthouse & Dalton Holiday Concert at The Listening Room, Jacksonville, Florida, December 16th, 2004 with special guests Carroll & Vassar Clements*****

Barnthouse & Dalton - Twin Oaks Park, Hoboken, GA - 2004

"Barnthouse & Dalton"

With resumes that read like a "Who's-Who?" of the best in Bluegrass, Craig Barnthouse and Alan Dalton join forces in an incredible new band with a sound that takes you back to the traditions that make this music great.

"Barnthouse & Dalton" is a 4-piece band comprised of Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin, and Bass. The group offers 3-part harmony as well as chilling acapella arrangements.

Craig, (Guitar player/Lead Singer), and Alan, (Banjo player/Tenor Singer) have combined their desires to play and sing a pure form of traditional Bluegrass with an additional emphasis on Bluegrass Gospel.

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"Old & In The Way Banjo Songbook" by Alan Dalton - OUT OF PRINT

Old & In the Way/ was a side group formed by Jerry Garcia and David Grisman. Jerry Garcia played banjo, not guitar, in this group, which featured David Grisman on mandolin and the legendary fiddler Vasser Clements. This group is credited not only with introducing Bluegrass music to a rock audience but with beginning the "new grass" movement--modern bluegrass and bluegrass/jazz fusion as now performed by everyone from Tony Rice to David Grisman, Bela Fleck, Nickel Creek and many others.

This book includes simple lead sheets for each song including guitar and banjo chords, plus most of Jerry Garcia's banjo breaks and solos have been transcribed in tablature. The book also includes a demonstration CD of Alan Dalton performing each of the transcribed banjo parts.

Titles are: Pig in a Pen * Midnight Moonlight * Old and in the Way * Knockin' on Your Door * The Hobo Song * Panama Red * Wild Horses * Kissimee Kid * White Dove * Land of the Navajo.

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