AIMS: The Australian Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) investigates and takes up matters involving arbitrary government actions, police conduct, freedom of speech, freedom of association, censorship of the internet, censorship of books and films, and invasions of privacy; gives general advice on citizens rights by phone and through its annual publication Your Rights ($6.50) available at newsagents, and campaigns for law reform.

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Legal Advice

  1.     Where to get help
        Emergency services. Police. legal Aid. Organizations.

  2.     You and your neighbours
        Dividing Fences. Encroaching Trees Excavations. Nuisance. Noise.
        Trespassers. Animals. Defamation. Mediation Centres.

  3.     Rights of consumers
        Advertising. Warranties. Appliance servicing. Door-to-door sales.
        Buying on credit. Buying a car.

  4.     Debts, credit and bankruptcy
        Dangers of credit. Time to pay debts. Court proceedings.
        Attachment of Wages. Seizure of Goods. Bankruptcy.

  5.     Family law
        Divorce. Maintenance. Parenting Orders. Rights of Children.
        Defactos. Domestic Violence. Stalking. Adoption.

  6.     Births, deaths, marriages and names
        Births. Death Certificates. Funerals. Marriages. Changes of Names.

  7.     Buying a house
        Signing Documents. Finance. Interest subsidies. Grants.

  8.     The police and the citizen
        Questioning. Arrest. Making statements. Searches. Procedure at Police
        Station. Court hearing. The rights of shoppers.

  9.     Freedom of speech and movement
        Street processions and offences. Indoor meetings. Censorship.

  10.     Tenants' Rights
        Types of tenancy. Rent. Notice to Quit. Bonds. Eviction. Licensees.

  11.     Wills and estates
        Making a Will. Appointing Executors. Probate Duty.
        Letters of Administration. Testatots Family Maintenance.

  12.     Compensation and pension payments
        Pension payments. Compensation for Motor Accident Victims
        Workers Compensation. Sporting injuries.

  13.     Protection against crime
        A.C.L.U. policy Protection of Children and Property Physical attack.
        Evidence in Court. Compensation and Restitution.

  14.     Rights of travellers
        Travelling Overseas. Passports. Dual Nationality Insurance.
        Returning to Australia. Deportation. Citizenship.

  15.     Advice for taxpayers
        Tax rates. Deductions. Rebates. Records. Appeals Provisional Tax.

  16.     Rights of investors
        Investment advisors. Types of investment. Risks. Sources of Information.

  17.     The motorist and the law
        Drivers licences. Cancellation. Road Law Insurance. Accidents.

  18.     Rights of Mental Health Consumers
        Mental Illness. Involuntary patients. Discharge. Reviews.

  19.     Senior Citizens
        Pensions, Concession Cards, Discrimination, Finance, Seeking Help

  20.     Big Brother and Free Speech Report
        Free Speech, Anti Terrorism Laws, The War on Terror

  21.     Censorship of the Internet
        Google, Toben, Gutnick

  22.     Anti-Terror Laws
        ALP and ASIO Bill. NSW search powers. ASIO Bullies?

  23.     Middle East War
        Power of the Jewish Lobby. Israel's Proxy War, History coming up - Iraq, etc

  24.     Fabrication of Aboriginal History
        Rabbit-Proof Fence. Aboriginal Genocide. Widschuttle, Phillip Noyce

  25.     Censorship of History?
        Joel Hayward, Thomas Fudge, NZ Canterbury University, Germans fed up with war legacy

  26.     The Police and You Summary
        Print out section of police powers

  27.     Big Brother Report
        A report on authorities' Big Brother activities.
    Extended Victorian Police powers,
        Restricting freedom in response to terror

  28.     Immigration, Multiculturalism, Terrorism, Tampa
    Rising Gang Rapes of White Girls a Byproduct of Multiracialist Experiment;
        Don't turn a blind eye to terror in our midst; 


While every care has been taken to ensure the advice is accurate there is no substitute for obtaining legal or other professional advice on the facts of each particular case. The law is often complex and it is difficult to express it adequately in a pamphlet or a website. Failure to seek advice will often be to your detriment. If you require legal advice but cannot afford such advice, approach a Legal Aid Service - see Where to get help - or read the book Your Rights 2005 , $6-50 at newsagents.


What's new What's new:

New Chapters 1 through 18, containing updated material from Your Rights 2005!

New Chapter 19 - Senior Citizens

New Chapter 20 - Big Brother, Freedom of Speech

Bush pushes plan to permit internet surveillance

Chapter 27 - Big Brother Report

Chapter 28 - Immigration, Multiculturalism, Terrorism, Tampa

Gange rape of White girls

Don't turn a blind eye to terror in our midst

NZ Herald, Editorial : Troubling threat to academic freedom

Insanity Fair - an augmented transcript of Geoff Muirden's talk at the Insanity Fair seminar, 9 August 2003

This war on terror is bogus - Michael Meacher, The Guardian, Saturday 6 September, 2003, 


Policy Statements, etc.

Contents of Your Rights 2004 -- text of selected chapters
Reviews of Your Rights 1985 to 2000

Front cover of Your Rights 2000       Front cover of Your Rights 2001         Front cover of Your Rights 2002         Front cover of Your Rights 2003         Front cover of Your Rights 2003
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To obtain a copy of Your Rights send a cheque or money order to the value of $6-50 (made out to the "Australian Civil Liberties Union") to the ACLU at P.O. Box 1137, Carlton, 3053, Victoria, Australia (this price includes postage and handling).


Contact Person:

John Bennett
President ACLU 1980- 2004
Formerly Secretary Victorian Council for Civil Liberties (now Liberty Victoria) 1966 to 1980

Phone: 61 3 9347 8671
Fax: 61 3 9347 8617
Postal Address: Box 1137, Carlton, 3053, Victoria, Australia


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