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Reviews of Your Rights 1985 to 2000


Your Rights 2000 is well up to the high standards of earlier editions. The material is well chosen, well arranged and highly useful to a wide variety of people. Excellent value at $5.95.
Sir Walter Crocker, former Lieutenant Governor of South Australia (1973-82). Former Australian Ambassador to many countries. Author of 7 books including Australian Ambassador.

Your Rights 1999 is an extraordinary publication - a must have for just about everyone.
Law Institute Journal

At $4.95 Your Rights 1998 could be one of the best investments you have ever made. It won't win any design or production awards but it's all there where you want it.
The Sunday Mail

You don't need a lawyer to explain the ins and cuts of your legal entitlements. Grab the booklet Your Rights 1998.
New Woman

Your Rights 1998 provides a valuable public service. For only $4.95 it contains a lot of information in plain English about a citizen's legal rights.
Daily Telegraph and Courier Mail.

Your Rights 1998 is a useful consumer-citizen guide packed with information and advice.
Sunday Herald Sun

At $4.95 Your Rights 1992 is an invaluable guide to the law.
Courier Mail

Your Rights 1991 is full of information that everybody should know.
Herald Sun

Your Rights 1991 is an excellent legal primer for advising the layman. Well worth $4.95.
Joyce Steele, OBE, Former Minister for Education for South Australia

Your Rights 1988 is a factual booklet for all who want to know their rights.
New Idea

Forewarned is forearmed - the answer to many questions is in Your Rights 1988
Sunday Mail

The watchdog of individual rights, the ACLU, has compiled the informative booklet Your Rights 1988.
The Daily Sun

Your Rights 1987 is a very interesting book. It is invaluable. Every Australian Citizen should have a copy. All the things I want to know about my rights and procedures are there, told in simple unequivocal language.
Lady Phylis D. Cilento - Author of 14 books.

Your Rights 1987 is valuable, even a necessary watchdog for the preservation of our type of democratic society.
Sir James Darling, Former Chairman of the ABC

John Bennett, president of the Australian Civil Liberties Union, details fights with neighbours, among other useful items of legal advice, in his booklet Your Rights 1987. The book, is at most newsagents.
The Australian Women's Weekly, July 1987

Books that make it easy to be a winner - Your Rights 1987 contains valuable advice

To aid victims of crime the ACLU has included a lengthy chapter on the subject in Your Rights 1985. Your Rights 1985 has useful chapters on such thorny subjects as feuding with your neighbours, divorce, consumer's rights


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