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Tinn's Rec Page

New Page 1

These are authors I drop everything to read. I hope you'll enjoy them as well.


Athea's Writings

Harry Potter? Sherlock Holmes? The gorgeous guys from The Magnificent Seven or Emergency? This is where you want to go!


Gail's Page

Here you'll find the lovely men from JAG, as well as assorted others, including Gail's unique take on A Perfect Murder, Thirteen Days and the Bible.


Page's Porterhouse

Page writes great JAG stories. Somehow, she wound up slashing pretty boy flyer, Harmon Rabb, and it makes her nuts, but she does it so well! Sample her universe. I assure you, you won't regret it!


Scribe's Page

Looking for Godfather slash? Scott Evil? Cupid/Strife? All that and more!

Or if you prefer Mulder/Krycek Go Here


Silk's Slash

And this site is the home of La Femme Nikita, The Sentinel, Due South and JAG slash.

Love Thieves

The series that started it all! Michael and Nikita, in the world outside of Section One.


Wolfsbride's World    ~New!~

Nothing is safe from this woman! Not Shakespeare, not The Deep Blue Sea, not **gasp!** RPS!! But if you're not familiar with NSYNC or The Back Street Boys, it plays like regular fanfic.

And if that doesn't work, try this! Wolfsbride's LJ