The Crystal Gardens
Love Thieves

LT #1: The Original Love Thieves, which tells of how Michael and Nikita escape Section One and forge a new life for themselves on the outside.

LT #2: Lost and Found, which tells of how Michael and Nikita finally get married, only to have their happiness snatched away by Perry Bauer. Michael must find a way to save Nikita, even if it means risking a return to Section One.

LT #3: Leap of Faith, which tells of how Michael and the others rescue Nikita from Section One, and the beginning of yet another new life for Michael and Nikita, when Nikita becomes pregnant.

LT #4: Shadow and Light, which tells of the further adventures of the makeshift family, now comprised of Michael, Nikita, Walter, Birkoff, Madeline, and two new characters, Declan and Neil. Neil is both Nikita's doctor as well as Madeline's new love interest, and Declan is a mysterious figure from Section's past, now working in the Samuelle house.

LT #5: Guilt and Innocents, which explores Michael's and Nikita's continuing struggle to survive in the real world. This story brings to a close Nikita's pregnancy, but there are surprises ahead, nevertheless.

LT #6: Faith and Luck is the sixth in the Love Thieves series. It chronicles the life of Michael and Nikita after the birth of their twins, Faith Michelle and Luc Christophe. It also details the marriage of Madeline and Neil, their unexpected heartache, and their subsequent turmoil over her pregnancy. In addition, we learn something more about the past life of Declan at Section One.

LT #7: Prayers and Whispers is the seventh Love Thieves story in the series. Michael and Nikita celebrate their first real Christmas together with their new family, Madeline learns that her pregnancy is high-risk and fears losing her baby, and Nikita becomes seriously ill with a virus. Miranda Walsh, a former critical care nurse, is brought in to take care of Nikita, and she becomes Walter's new love interest. More importantly, though, this story chronicles the evolution and development of the alternative but very special relationship between Declan and Birkoff.

LT #8: Shades and Illusions is the eighth story in the Love Thieves series. During this sequel, Madeline's pregnancy continues, ending happily in the birth of her son. We learn a bit more about Declan's past, and Declan and Birkoff's commitment to one another deepens.

LT #9: Always and Forever focuses on the emotional relationships between the two primary couples, Michael and Nikita, and Declan and Birkoff. Though major conflicts arise, the family's summer stay at the French chateau is basically a happy one, and the story ends with Michael and Nikita's decision to have a third child.

LT #10: Trust and Betrayal is the tenth installment of the Love Thieves series. In this story, Walter is injured during what appears to be a simple mugging, but things are never what they seem. A mysterious figure from the past shows up to complicate Michael's and Declan's lives, and things get much worse before they can be resolved.

LT #11: Silk and Sorcery is the eleventh installment in the Love Thieves series. Halloween figures prominently in this story, hence the title, but secrets abound. Michael and Nikita announce that they are expecting their third child, Declan and Birkoff reveal a very special longing, and that longing is finally realized in the form of a new addition to the family, Emerant.

LT #12: Heart and Soul is Love Thieves #12. This story focuses heavily on the smaller members of the Samuelle household, namely, Chris, Faith, Connor and Emmy. It lays the groundwork for what will eventually be a whole new set of primary relationships, and it describes the arrival of the third Samuelle child, Skye Nicole.

LT #13: Past Imperfect, Future Tense is the 13th installment of the Love Thieves series. In this story, Declan and Birkoff bravely explore their abuse, and Michael and Nikita face yet another challenge to their love. Filled with angst, this story becomes even more tragic when Nikita learns she is pregnant with their fourth child, only to miscarry. As the story ends, Declan and Birkoff face off again, at odds this time over Birkoff's desire to go to work.

LT #14: Irish Eyes and French Toast is Love Thieves #14. During this sequel, Declan and Birkoff venture down separate paths in an effort to grow as people, which brings something new and interesting into their relationship. We also re-visit Section One, and things have certainly changed since Michael and Nikita first escaped. In addition, four new characters are introduced, some familiar, some not: Davenport, Cassidy, Sasha, and Aspacia.

LT #15: Abeyance and Absolution is the fifteenth story in the Love Thieves series. In this story, Madeline's son, Connor, is mistaken for Michael's son, Chris, by an old nemesis from their past. When the boy is kidnapped, Michael is forced to return to Section One to rescue him. Along the way, there are considerable surprises and revelations, lending credence to the old LFN adage, things are never what they seem to be.

LT #16: Saints and Sinners. The emotional fallout of their return to Section One is considerable. Birkoff must deal with a son he never knew he fathered, while Declan discovers a sister he never knew he had. Davenport learns just how different living on the outside can be. This story also introduces a new character, James Elliott, a young Aussie who comes into the Samuelle household to tutor the oldest children before they begin private school. And there's more....

LT #17: Vows and Valor is the 17th story in the Love Thieves series. There are lots of new beginnings, as well as some very unexpected surprises, for everyone in Michael's extended family. James rediscovers love with a new character, a transplanted French-Canadian named Smoke, and by the end of this story, the family has grown yet again, adding four new children to their numbers. But perhaps the most telling line of all is the last one. "Love. What is it good for? Absolutely everything."

LT #18: Now and Then is the eighteenth installment of the Love Thieves series. In this story, the oldest children venture into the outside world for the first time, to experience their first day of school. Two new characters are introduced: Ariel Dupre, the headmistress of St. Anselm's Academy, and Indigo, the handsome young janitor. Along the way, there is considerable angst as Sasha and Skye are held hostage, the kidnapping threatening the security of the extended family.

LT #19: Sanctuary is the nineteenth installment of the Love Thieves series and it marks the beginning of the Samuelle children as full-blown personalities separate and apart from their parents. School plays a big part in this sequel, but it is only one of many changes yet to come into their lives.

LT #20: Metaphysics

LT #21: Veritas

LT #22: Purgatory

LT #23: Ascension

LT #24: Purity

LT #25: Desire

LT #26: Fata Morgana

LT #27: Possession

LT #28: Amends

LT #29: Everything Necessary