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Basic Everglades Info


Buzzy Little Creatures!

Love thy flowers, love thy pollinators!


**Most of these photos are taken with an Olympus Digital camera and are of good quality,

however, some are photos taken with a 35 mm camera, then scanned, therefore, they may not be as fine quality as the others.

These scanned photos are marked with **.


Paper Wasps!
Paper #1 Paper #2 Paper #3

Paper #4

Paper #5


More Paper Wasps!
Paper #6 Paper #7 Paper #8 Paper #9


Paper Wasp Nest!
Wasp Nest #1 Wasp Nest #2

Wasp Nest #3


More Wasps!
Unknown Wasp #1 Unknown Wasp #2 Unknown Wasp #3 Unknown Wasp #4 Unknown Wasp #5


Folded-Wing Wasps!
Potter #1 Potter #2 Potter #3 Potter #4


Mud Dauber Wasps!
Black & Yellow Mud Dauber #1 Black & Yellow Mud Dauber #2 Unknown Mud Dauber

Thread-waisted Wasp


Odd Wasps!
Ichneumon type wasp #1 Ichneumon type wasp #2









Shark Valley


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  However, the "bird on the branch" bar, gator head icon, butterfly & wasp animated gifs, and Everglades Park Banner do belong to Dimagi, and do apply to the rules above.*


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