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Welcome to my Other Quotes! This is where I'll be displaying quotes from TV, movies, video games, and maybe other media.

SPOILER WARNING! I don't have to explain why, right?

Also, these quotes are better in context, and in the case of the audio quotes, better heard.

Also also, there are some works that aren't here that would otherwise be, only because I haven't watched or read them with the intent of gathering quotes. So... they'll be added someday.

Anime: Azumanga Daioh | Sonic X
Books: Prince Caspian | The Silver Chair | The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Live Action TV: The Muppet Show
Video Games: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (GCN)
Western Animated Series: Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers | Garfield & Friends | Sonic the Hedgehog

Azumanga Daioh: the Animation

Episode 1

(Tomo loses a one-on-one race to Sakaki, but keeps framing it as not a loss)
TOMO: Runner up!
KOYOMI: Shut up.

Episode 7

(Tomo puts 5 yen into the comment box)
KOYOMI: Hold on! What did you just put in there?
TOMO: 5 yen.
KOYOMI: You're supposed to put in project ideas.
TOMO: Hmm... According to the legend of this comment box--
KOYOMI: It doesn't have a legend!

(Following a run around the school in a cat costume which frightened most and freaked Koyomi out, Tomo returns to "home base")
CHIYO: Where did you go, Tomo?
TOMO: Advertising. I was sprinkling cuteness all over school.
KOYOMI: Topped off with a nice heavy dash of scary.

Episode 14

KAGURA: Was it that bad, Chiyo-chan?
CHIYO: Huh? ... Oh, no, nyaow I'm completely fine.
KAGURA: "Nyaow"?

(Sakaki succeeds in winning Neco Coneco from a shooting gallery in which you win whatever prize you shoot)
KAGURA: Awesome, you did it, Sakaki! You totally took down that Neco Coneco!
SAKAKI: (quietly, as ever, and a little horrified) What?
KAGURA: (continuing to gush) You hunter, you! You crazy sniper!
SAKAKI: (to herself, panicky) It's not dead, it's not dead!

Episode 16

KAGURA: Hey, hey, didn't your class have that fanciful cute thing goin' on last year?
CHIYO: Yes, it was very well received!
KAGURA: Yeah, that was pretty good, so why not combine that with something?
CHIYO: Oh, I see what you mean!
AYUMU: I get it! We'll have a cute haunted house!
KAGURA: No, not like that.
KOYOMI: A stuffed animal café?
CHIYO: We could improve on what we learned last year and come up with something good.
AYUMU: Come-from-behind home run!
KOYOMI: Not again...
AYUMU: We can just lump all of it together, and set up a café with like scary monsters of cute animals.
KOYOMI: Okay, I don't even know what you're saying anymore.
CHIYO: And it's not a come-from-behind home run, y'know.
AYUMU: In other words, let me explain it.
KOYOMI: I didn't ask.
AYUMU: Well, y'see, there'll be lots of cats and dogs inside the café... and they'll all be dead.

(Chiyo is going bonkers trying to manage work under a tight schedule)
CHIYO: Oh, we're not gonna make it! Somebody turn back the clock before it's too lay-hay-hate!
(Ayumu sets up a chair under the clock, stands on the chair, and reaches)
AYUMU: Oh... I can't quite reach it!
CHIYO: Miss Osaka, please do some work!

Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers

To The Rescue Pt. 2

(Chip and Dale are dangling from a long light fixture)
CHIP: Don't panic, Dale! There's gotta be a way down!
DALE: I know there's a way down! But I don't wanna take it!

To The Rescue Pt. 3

GADGET: Oh, excuse me, you're all standing! Let me make you a chair!

To The Rescue Pt. 4

GADGET: Y'know, suddenly the plane seems to handle lighter.
CHIP: Monty just jumped out!
GADGET: Oh. That would account for it.

To The Rescue Pt. 5

MONTEREY: Simple case of a coal in one.

Catteries Not Included

MONTEREY: I've had nightmares about bein' inside cats, but they were nothin' like this.

The Carpetsnaggers

NIMNUL: Money... jewels... cuisinarts!

Adventures In Squirrelsitting

FAT CAT: Ah, there's the problem. You had squirrel minors in your C major!

Flash The Wonder Dog

CHIP: It's all fake, Dale. They do it in a TV studio.

MR. WIZZER: Well, Jeff, what's say today we learn how pulleys and levers work?
JEFF: Aw, gee, Mr. Wizzer, I was hoping you'd teach up how to make plastic explosives with household detergents.

The Pound Of The Baskervilles

CHIP: Follow me. The game is afoot!
DALE: How are we gonna find the will when all you wanna do is play foot games?

Out To Launch

STAN BLATHER: In a tragic development, the space plane is now plunging straight toward the control tower. (realizes) Wait a minute, I'm in the control tower. (runs off screaming)

Kiwi's Big Adventure

GADGET: Golly. I built it to last, but i didn't think it would be immortal.

Ghost Of A Chance

FAT CAT: Now follow me... AND BE QUIET!

A Case Of Stageblight

SEWERNOSE: I have studied under the greatest performers of all time.
MONTEREY: Yeah, about 30 feet under.

The Luck Stops Here

GADGET: I think Cosgrove just has a few loose screws!

Fake Me To Your Leader

MONTEREY: (to Zipper) We thought you might be down in the dumps, mate.

MONTEREY: He's grown bigger than a horsefly, and with twice the horsepower.

POLICE OFFICER: Attention, all cars. We have an unidentified fly object.

CHIEF OF POLICE: Send in... the SWAT team.

Last Train To Cashville

CHIP: Davey sure must love his model trains.
MONTEREY: Whoever took 'em didn't leave any tracks.

The Case Of The Cola Cult

DALE: So-da long!

GADGET: (brandishing a net gun) Okay, who wants to find out if this thing works?

Throw Mummy From The Train

MONTEREY: Crikey! One of the walking unwrapped!

A Wolf In Cheap Clothing

CHIP: Will you be quiet? That's just a silly comic book!
DALE: Silly? Comics are informational!

KIRBY: Someone left open the door at the twilight zone!

Prehysterical Pet

DR. PILTDOWN: I can't wait to write a 50-page research paper about it!


BUTCH: What a night. Robot cats, fishnappers, and me, beaten in a fight. Humph. Nothing would surprise me at this point. (glances up) Huh. A squirrel-powered zeppelin. (realizes, shakes head) A squirrel-powered zeppelin?! (starts barking and running around)

MOLE: I don't get it. It says "Separate two eggs", but it doesn't say how far apart to separate 'em.
FAT CAT: (shoving them aside) Let me see that, you pinheads! "Take one cup flour, two cups milk, one pinch salt..." ...Don't tell me you pinched the salt!
MOLE: Of course not! Mepps pinched it.

FATHER: (gasp) That cat's attacking him!
BUTCH: No he's not, he's saving him.
FATHER: You're right! ... Who said that?

Normie's Science Project

NORTON NIMNUL: Haven't I told you never to play with my super-weapons? You could devastate yourself!

NORTON: Ah, here it is: music to devastate the globe by. In stereo!

NORMIE: Is the city in your sway, Uncle Norton?
NORTON: No. It's just... swaying.

NORMIE: Wow! City Hall sure can boogie!

Seer No Evil

(The Rangers disembark from under a rollercoaster)
GADGET: If they'd straightened the angle out on that last curve, we'd have seen some real speed!
CHIP: That fake speed was plenty for me, Gadget.


CHIP: Say, Dale, betcha I can read your mind.
DALE: Ha! I can't even read my mind, but go ahead and try.

FAT CAT: Will you hurry up?
MOLE: But I suffer from a fear of heights and bites.

Shell Shocked

GADGET: At times like this, I usually don't resort to shrill emotional outbursts, but in this case... (shaking Dale) ...YOU'VE GOT TO DO SOMETHING!!

Song Of The Night 'N' Dale

CHIP: It's okay, Dale, everything is allll right.
DALE: But it's not all right! I mean, this stuff all right but... it... shouldn't be... all right... 'cause it wasn't--
CHIP: I understand, Dale. Maybe things shouldn't be all right.
DALE: No, of course it should be all right! ...Say, why are you bein' so nice to me? How come you aren't callin' me crazy?
CHIP: Nobody said you were crazy. You aren't crazy.
DALE: I am, too! Am too, am too, am too! What am I saying?

Double '0' Chipmunks

CHIP: You didn't have to kiss him.
GADGET: Golly, isn't that what spies are supposed to do?

DALE: This thinking stuff isn't as hard as I thought... I think.

Gadget Goes Hawaiian

CHIEF HUBBA-HUBBA: Tomorrow, we get new queen... or extra hut.

Short Order Crooks

FRY: We're stuck to the refrigerator!
SPUD: Hey! That means the spaghetti's done.

Mind Your Cheese And Q's

MONTY: I... I'm so ashamed. One whiff of cheese and I become a Muenster... uh, monster.

Out Of Scale

ROCCO: We'll be back post haste, boss.
MOOSE: Yeah, but this time, we'll try not to hit the post.

Dirty Rotten Diapers

DALE: I'll think of a gentle way if I have to beat my head against a wall!

MONTY: Gadget... love... I think you've kindly, gently, flipped your lid!

(Vol. 3 quotes pending acquisition and viewing)

Garfield & Friends

Ep. 1

Peace and Quiet

BINKY: Neither rain, nor snow, nor gloom of night -- nor cat with bad disposition -- will stay this clown from his appointed rounds!

Ep. 4

Shell-Shocked Sheldon

ORSON: (singing) I wonder what you will look like / I wonder what you will be / We'll finally put a face with your name... / Maybe you'll look like me!
SHELDON: ... Are you trying to scare me?

Ep. 5

GARFIELD: Anyone who sings like that should be drug out into the street and shot. Or worse... made to listen to a tape of themselves.

ORSON: My psychology book'll cure him!
ROY: (swiping it) Lemme see that!
WADE: (at the bull) Nyah-nyah, nyah-nyah-nyah! (raspberry)
(Roy closes the book on Wade's head; Wade falls to the ground)
ROY: This is called "applied psychology".

Ep. 10

JON: "Mr. Mystic's Magic Mart, open 24 hours". This looks like it.
(He knocks on the door; Mr. Mystic opens the door and sticks his head out)
MR. MYSTIC: We're closed! Go away!
(He closes the door, but Jon pounds on the door again... landing a couple of pounds on Mr. Mystic's long nose when he opens it again)
JON: But your sign says you're open 24 hours!
MR. MYSTIC: Sure, but not all in a row!

Ep. 14

FRED DUCK: Say, what time is lunch around here, and, uh, is there any left after you eat?
ORSON: Ah heh heh. Let me tell you how to get on my good side.
FRED DUCK: I know, go down three blocks and turn left! (quacky laughter)

Ep. 19

SHELDON: Booker, it's not what he sees, it's who he sees. To Orson, books are the worm hunt of the imagination.

GARFIELD: The game is Cue Card Rummy. I deal.

Ep. 22

LANOLIN: (singing) Friends are there to help you get started / but once you get started, who needs 'em? (speaking) I love that song.

WADE: Hey, what evil, underhanded, sneaky, not-nice thing are you thinking of doing to Roy, boy?
ORSON: (evil giggle) The sneakiest thing I can do: absolutely nothing.

GARFIELD: This is show business? YAAAAAH! The song is wrong! Everything about this business isn't appealing!

Ep. 25

JON: Oh, don't worry, Garfield, I'll save you from that awful piece of twine.

Ep. 32

GARFIELD: I like getting away from it all. Especially when we bring it all with us.

Ep. 33

BO: Little Red... Something-or-Other, take 91 or 90, uh, maybe even in the hundreds, man... (yawns)

Ep. 34


Ep. 35

NERMAL: (muffled) Garfield! Garfield, I don't like running gags!

Ep. 37

JON: I've got a lot of women who want to go out with me. I'm thinking of having a raffle.
TIFFANY: Oh... the winner gets a... turkey?

Ep. 40

Shouldn't that be "The bunny rabbits are coming?"

Ep. 41

GARFIELD: I just want this guy out of my life before I get life.

Ep. 42

(The others find Wade gibbering incoherently)
BOOKER: What's the matter with him?
ORSON: He looks like he's just seen a ghost.
LANOLIN: Did you say "ghost", Orson?
SHELDON: I thought you said there's no such thing.
BOOKER: You did three choruses, Orson.

GARFIELD: Hey, I came here to sleep and eat! This is neither!

Ep. 49

GARFIELD: Odielocks was very beautiful. ...Okay, so I lied. She was as homely as an empty refrigerator.

Ep. 52

LANOLIN: We heard the yelling!
WADE: But I came anyway. What's amiss?

Ep. 53

WADE: ...and I would also like to thank myself, because I won, and without me, I would not have won... y'know.

Ep. 54

GARFIELD: At least I'm color-coordinated with my life preserver. (Actually a lifejacket, but we'll let it slide.)

Ep. 57

GARFIELD: The trouble with candy bars is, if you can finish 'em, they're not big enough.

Ep. 58

GARFIELD: My light snack! My light snack is so light it's floating away!

Ep. 59

SHELDON: This is awful! It's worse than that time when those women tried to get pamtyhose out of me!

Ep. 60

FUTURE GARFIELD-ANALOGUE: Out here, the only law is the law of fast gadgets.

WADE: I take that back; a mud thief is a dirtier thief.

Ep. 69

GARFIELD: It's not like Odie to give up on a stick. He has a head for wood. And vice versa.

BO: Someone stole all our butter, man!
BOOKER: I know who did it! It was--
WADE: Wait, let us not be too hasty to accuse anyone. Why do y'think Roy did it?

Ep. 70

GARFIELD: Hey, if folks didn't do dumb things, we wouldn't have plots for cartoons.

Ep. 77

GARFIELD: This is good. The living room rug so needed a trim.

Ep. 78

BO: Feel better, man. It'll make you, like, not feel so bad.

Ep. 81

ORSON: (reading) "Each of the astronauts was clad in the latest in space wear. Synthetic gripper boots..."
(a pair appear on Roy's feet)
ROY: Whoo, neat!
ORSON: "...temperature-controlled space suits..."
(one appears on Roy's body)
ROY: Spiffy!
ORSON: "...and hermetically sealed halibut."
(a fish appears draped over Roy's beak)
ROY: Orson!
ORSON: Oh, I'm sorry, I read it wrong.

(title, and repeated throughout)
The Creature That Lived in The Refrigerator, Behind The Mayonnaise Next To The Ketchup and To The Left of The Coleslaw

Ep. 89

GARFIELD: Let me see what's on the No Reruns channel. (disappointed) Ahh, I've seen that.

Ep. 90

(showing slides)
GARFIELD: Next day: Here's Jon's idea of an uncrowded beach. Every time I look at this shot? I get the urge to find Waldo.

Ep. 94

(SNOW) WADE: Oh, woe is I. Not only does my wardrobe not do me justice, but I am getting dishpan feathers.

Ep. 98

JONATHAN ARBUCKLE: Could you give us a description of the mouse, guvnor?
DR. JEKYLL: I believe so. Six feet tall, no, seven. Weight: approximately 300 pounds. Long, steely claws, sharp fangs.
JONATHAN: I see. Anything unusual about this mouse?
DR. JEKYLL: No, nothing in particular.

Ep. 104

ROY: Bring that face back here so I can properly pie it!

Ep. 106

WADE: Aah, is this perhaps a trick, Roy?
ROY: Moi? A trick? How often in the past have I proven untrustworthy?
WADE: I don't know. What show number is this?

Ep. 110

JON: (half-mechanically) Sidney is right. Good is so much better than bad.
(Odie barks in agreement)
GARFIELD: Well, that's a news break for ya.

Ep. 111

HEATHER: Isn't this the way to live?
JON: Live! That's what I want to do! Live!

Ep. 114

JON: I'm not taking your lying down lying down!

ORSON: All these rhymes have death and people falling down and breaking their crowns!

ORSON: (singing) We'll bring to you when we're back next time ... something more wholesome than a nursery rhyme.

Ep. 119

JON: You two won't be laughing when I turn my comedy robot on.
GARFIELD: Undoubtedly.

Ep. 121

ROY: Is it my imagination, or am I being menaced by a small sack lunch?

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (GCN)

RUSL: If you are lucky, you may even get to meet Princess Zelda! Ah ha ha!

The Muppet Show

Juliet Prowse

(Kermit the Frog sips on a glass of milk)
KERMIT: Think about this, friends.

Ruth Buzzi

(During an interrogation session that could be described as throwing the pebble that starts a rockslide)
INTERROGATOR: Hey, I'm warning you, we have ways of making you stop talking!

Rita Moreno

RITA: (to Animal) Oye, buddy. Quierto decirte que no se debe hacer eso. It's not nice. ¿Entiendes? Mirame a mí cuando te hable. Éste es mi número y, si tú me fastidas más, te voy dar una gaznata que te vas a ver bobo. So cool it.
(Listen, buddy. I want to tell you that you shouldn't do that. It's not nice. Understand? Look at me when I'm talking to you. This is my number and, if you keep annoying me, I'll throttle you 'til you see silly.)

Florence Henderson

(backstage, the Bouncing Borzellino Brothers are squabbling)
KERMIT: We got to get organized down here. Will somebody tell those pigs to knock it off?
HILDA: Knock it off!
ZOOT: (half a second later) Knock it off!
WAYNE: (half a second later) Knock it off!
KERMIT: Now, will we knock off the knocking-it-offs?
WAYNE: Knock off the knocking-it-offs!
ZOOT: (half a second later) Knock off the knocking-it-offs!
HILDA: (half a second later) Knock off the knocking-it-offs!
KERMIT: (halfway through Hilda's) Knock it ooooooff!

Paul Williams

PAUL: You know, when they asked be to do the show, I was delighted, I mean, this is a great show to do. I have a special reason for being very excited. You see, except for me, the entire cast is Muppets. Muppets are little, tiny things. For the first time in my life, no one will make jokes about how short I am. For the first time in my life, I am the tallest person on the show.
(No less than Sweetums, Thog, and one of the Mutations come in from behind and join him)
PAUL: For the first time in my life, I will cry in front of 30 million people.

Charles Aznavour

SCOOTER: Oh, by the way...
SCOOTER: I decided not to manage The Great Gonzo.
KERMIT: Oh yeah? How come?
SCOOTER: Well, you see, I gave him the standard 50-page managerial contract.
SCOOTER: He ate it.
KERMIT: Well, let's hope the contract's not binding.

Harvey Korman

MAURICE: (actually Harvey) Speak. Speak, you demon, speak!
THOG: I hardly know where to begin.
THOG: I was rereading Balzac the other day, only in translation--
MAURICE: Enough!

Sandy Duncan

KERMIT: The legendary "Gags" comes pretty cheap, doesn't he?
FOZZIE: Well, uh, we worked out a good deal.
KERMIT: Oh, you pay him by the line?
FOZZIE: No, I pay him by the laugh.
KERMIT: Oh. Then he owes you money. (he leaves, laughing near-silently)
FOZZIE: Oh, that was cute. That was real cute. Frooooog!

Candice Bergen

SSAM THE EAGLE: No, now wait, I have been to restaurants where I have ordered Marcello Mastrianni and I've gotten it.
CLARA CARTWELL: (actually Candace Bergen) Really? What did you get?
SAM: A swarthy, good-looking man sitting in a bowl. I always send him back.

Don Knotts

STATLER: Well, how'd you like that opening number?
WALDORF: Hmm? Oh, I didn't notice it.
STATLER: Didn't notice it? How is that possible? It was loud and raucous with a screaming thing running amok! Huh! How could you not notice it?
WALDORF: Well, in the future I'll try to be more observant.
(The Screaming Thing runs screaming between them and jumps out of the theater box while both are looking away)
STATLER: Would you do that, please?
(The Screaming Thing crashes; neither Statler nor Waldorf notice)

Rich Little

GONZO: Hey, Kermit, Kermit. Have you seen any chickens around here today?
KERMIT: Chickens? Gonzo, why would there be any chickens around here?
(Why not? They sang in the pilot...)
GONZO: Well, I'm auditioning for my new dancing chicken act. It's gonna be sensational!
KERMIT: A dancing chicken act? Gonzo, I've never hear of anything as ridiculous as a dancing chicken.
GONZO: How 'bout a talking frog?

Edgar Bergen

EDGAR: Oh, you don't know what you're saying.
CHARLIE MCCARTHY: Yes I do, Bergen. I can read your lips.
(If you don't get it, ask someone)

(Some chickens come in)
CHARLIE: Remember, girls, an egg a day keeps the hatchet away.

FIRST MATE PIGGY: But what is this?
CAPTAIN LINK HOGTHROB: Well, surely you recognize the Independant Heating-slash-Unifying Element and the Horizontal Equalizing Plane.
PIGGY: (anger rising) You want me to do the laundry?

Elton John

LINK HOGTHROB: At least we could've brought a TV set. I'm missing my favorite bowling shows.
FIRST MATE PIGGY: You and your bowling shows. (mockingly, to audience) He cries at the sad parts.

Lou Rawls

(The Swedish Chef is about to make frog's legs... with Robin!)
KERMIT: Wait a minute! Hold it! Stop! Cut! Cut!
ROBIN: Don't say "cut", say "stop"!

Kris Kristofferson & Rita Coolidge

GONZO: Hey, Gladys.
GLADYS: Yeah, dear?
GONZO: What's the soup du jour?
GLADYS: Same as yesterday.

Alice Cooper

KERMIT: (alarmed) Gonzo, is that the contract with the devil?
GONZO: Uh, no, it's worse than that: This is the bill from Special Effects!

Raquel Welch

FOZZIE: See, my problem was my need to tell jokes.
FLOYD: Yeah, that was our problem, too!

James Coco

JAMES COCO: Is he gonna be alright?
KERMIT: I doubt it. He never has been.

Helen Reddy

KERMIT: Not only historically wrong but hysterically wrong.

KERMIT: Hey Beauregard, I've got a job for you.
KERMIT: Just look at this mess.
BEAUREGARD: Okay. That sounds easy enough.

Lesley Ann Warren

LESLEY ANN WARREN: Y'know, Kermit, I thought you were the one person on this show who wasn't crazy.
KERMIT: Me not crazy? I hired the others.

Elke Sommers

WALDORF: Is that your kid?
STATLER: Of course not. I'm just babysitting. This is my grandson.
WALDORF: Well, there is a resemblance.
STATLER'S BABY GRANDSON: Yeah, but I won't be bald and toothless forever.

Prince Caspian (book)

"Bother!" said Edmund. "I've left my new torch in Narnia."

The Silver Chair (book)

"Nothing wrong with me," said Puddleglum. "Not a frog. Nothing frog with me. I'm a respectabiggle."

"One thing I'd like to know," said Puddleglum, "is whether anyone from our world -- from up-a-top, I mean -- has ever done this trip before?"
"Many have taken ship at the pale beaches," replied the Warden, "and--"
"Yes, I know," interrupted Puddleglum. "And few return to the sunlit lands. You needn't say it again. You are a chap of one idea, aren't you?"

Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM)

Super Sonic

SALLY: Will you be serious for a minute?
SONIC: 30 seconds is my limit.

Fed Up With Antoine

ANTOINE: Zey were going to use pepper, and not paprika!


ANTOINE: NO! I will never talk!
SNIVLEY: Then I must make... escargot!
ANTOINE: (squeaks in fright) But escargot are too special, you fiend! Zey must be preparéd just right, you maniac!
SNIVLEY: Yes, yes, of course. We start with plump, juicy snails...
SNIVLEY: A little garlic...
ANTOINE: (sniffs) Ahhh... Oui again...
ANTOINE: Oui! Oui! Oh yes, oui! butter!
SNIVLEY: MARGARINE! (laughs evilly)
ANTOINE: MARGARINE?!? MARGARINE?!? You will cook escarot with margarine? Oh, no, it will be too cruel, you fuel! Okay! okay! I give! I give! I will tell you everything!

Sonic X

Chaos Control Freaks

UNIT 3 OFFICER: Well, he didn't get under us, around us, or through us, eh heh heh heh...

S-TEAM MEMBER: Hey, you! This is dangerous! It's irresponsible! What happens if kids start trying this?
SONIC: Kids, don't use Formula One racecars to chase hedgehogs!

Cracking Knuckles

AMY: I bet you want to apologize to Sonic for believing all the liiies Eggman told about him? And you probably want to thank him, too, only you're too proud!


POLICE OFFICER: I'm nailin' you for burger burglary! Drop that sandwich, scumbo!
Enjoyin' my burger, bub? (Mr. Stewart bolts) Hey, get back here! Stop chewin', you thief! One more nibble and I'll call out the SWAT teeeeeeam!

Party Hardly

GRANDPA THORNDYKE: I feel sorry for dogs. How do they stand it? This collar's killing me!

ELLA: So, the only nutty thing in my kitchen is my pecan pie!

Unfair Ball

SONIC: I don't see why we have to learn all this etiquette baloney in the first place.
CHRIS: My mom says it's important to have good manners so we can eat properly.
SONIC: Well, I never learned anything about manners, and I've been eating my whole life.

Beating Eggman, Part 2

(Tails blasts holes in Eggman's base in a circular pattern)
TAILS: Hey Sonic, will that work?
SONIC: Perfect!
(He punches out the hole)

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (book)

"Your Majesties all," said Reepicheep, "hear me. It is folly to think of avoiding an invisible enemy by any amount of creeping and skulking. If these creatures mean to bring us to battle, be sure they will succeed. And whatever comes of it I'd sooner meet them face to face than be caught by the tail."

"Why, bless me, if I haven't gone and left out the whole point," said the Chief Voice.
"That you have, that you have," roared the Other Voices with great enthusiasm. "No one couldn't have left it out cleaner and better. Keep it up, Chief, keep it up."