Mom, You Are Early Again

As I awake to the sounds of the opening and closing of doors, of steps walking down the hallway and a light knock on my door, I slowly begin to come around. But the knock becomes slightly louder and more forceful, before I reply, “Yes I am awake, mom” as the door opens and her benevolent face peers through and alerts me that I must get ready for church or we’ll be late. I look at the clock and notice it is not even 6:00 am and the church service does not start until 7:30 am. Yet, she is ready and she is making sure the rest of us are ready as well. She goes room by room to ensure there are no stragglers in this bunch. I would get the brunt of the attention, being the most likely to fall asleep again. It would be a constant struggle as I fought for precious extra minutes of sleep while she ultimately persevered and got everyone out the door before 7:00 am. It was a five minute drive to church. We’d get there at 7:00 and get our customary seats near the back by the bathroom. I’d be falling asleep at church, not understanding her need to always arrive early no matter the occasion.

She had always been early. She began pursuing her career as a nurse when she was only 17. She badgered the administrators so much that they allowed her to follow her dream despite the fact that 18 was the minimum age. Whether it was arriving for work, setting up Sunday lunch or a medical appointment, she was always early. She would inevitably ask for the earliest possible appointments and would get there before the office staff. I would tell her that she was wasting time getting there so early, but she would say that you had to be ready as soon as they opened.

So late one year as she took care of my dad when he was stricken with lymphoma, she began to feel tired. She had difficulty getting up in the mornings and would rest more during the day. Her feet caused her great discomfort, yet she would still take my dad his breakfast, cook his lunch and do everything she could for him as his caretaker. Then one day, she couldn’t do it anymore. She had lost feeling in her feet and could no longer take him his breakfast. She had never said anything because she felt there could only be one sick person in the family.
Eventually, she was taken for exams and it was revealed that she had leukemia. The acronym for her specific type was AML. She fought the good fight, again following her treatments to the letter, telling us to leave super early for her appointments and putting up a brave front for us. But, ultimately the disease proved too much and she succumbed after only two months.

She was so strong; I had never imagined her being taken from me so quickly. I long to see her again and am lost. It pains me to say that we reached the funeral home 15 minutes late for her viewing. I felt a knot in my stomach and my heart ached thinking that I was late! And then it became crystal clear to me. Always make sure you make it on time or you might miss something and regret it forever. Ultimately, she wanted to make it to heaven early. She didn’t want to miss anything either and God always has room for another angel, especially one that is going to be quick to do God’s work. Mom, I’m going to miss you greatly, but please know that I finally understand what you were doing. I know that I’ve overslept again, but wait for me, because the next time we meet it will be for eternity.

Jesus J. Delgado

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God Bless You Mom