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Near the snoozing eorlan named Cobalt sits his best friend and partner in crime- Azizi. The bright green male sits patiently, watching his friend sleep peacefully. You smile, introducing yourself. "Hi," he replies quietly, "Name's Azizi. I'm waiting for Cobalt to wake up.." he whispers, poking his friend gently with a stick. Startled, Cobalt springs up wide-eyed. "Why, there you are sleepy-tail!" Azizi jokes. "Didja forget we're supposed to be scouting for beautiful eorlanesses?"
"Of course not!" Cobalt replies with a snort. You chuckle and leave the two be to bicker.

Stat Additions: Awarded 2/22/03

Azizi (Egyptian for precious)
ID ep031m
Color Grass Stain with gold eyes
unique to Eorl's Pride
Life Points 105
Strength 30
Speed 30
Intelligence 30
Cunning 30
Defense 40

3 RP Exp.

Growl -- lowers opponent's defense by 10% of original value each time used
Nip -- 30 damage

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