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After you part with the eorlan from Jules' clan of Eorl's Pride, Snowflaked leads you to a clean and dimly-lit room. An entre wall has been made into a burgandy shelf with elegantly carved markings. The handles are golden, and the glass panes fingerprint free and shining.

"This is where I keep all of my items I have obtained from sales, hunts, and trades from my friend Lady Juliette, leader of the clan of Eorl's Pride." Snow explains.

Hung neatly on the other walls are wepons and battle armor, fitted for eorlan pups. They look new and never used-which they are.

"Here, open the door," Snow says. You nod and do as told, and inside you find on the shelves various potions, attacks, and element spells. "I never have gotten around to using these things, though I really should.." she sighs. You pick up an attack item and read the label.

2 Items2 Items

laugh attack for winning second place in the attacks contest / nondamaging division.

lightning claw attack for honorable mention in the attacks contest / damaging division. this is a storm elemental attack.

2 Items

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