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Tim Smells Web Site

Tim's Sweaty Smell

Tim's body produce two kinds of sweat: eccrine and apocrine. Actually, both of these liquids has a horrible odor. Eccrine is found all over his body. It helps to regulate the body's temperature. In Tim's Case, it just makes him smell bad. Apocrine is the body-odor culprit, and is found abundantly on Tim. It is found in the groin and underarm areas. Tim's well-known sweaty smell occurs only after apocrine reacts with the bacteria on his skin.


Controlling Body Odor

Tim is not much bigger nor more active, but because of his apocrine glands, he smells more than others. He isn't as successful as others in getting rid of the bacteria on his skin.

Try these tips Tim:

When To Consult A Doctor About Body Odor

Different bodily odors could indicate specific internal problems:


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