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Laser Cut Endeavour I Deck Houses and Assembly Instructions

Robert Diaz's Main Deck House for his 89" fiberglass Shamrock V and Patrick Foley's 46" Endeavour. The laser cut Endeavour I deck houses are available in 3 sizes for 48", 60" and 102" models.

I offer them for $135 plus shipping in each of three sizes. The 60" and 102" are available in 1/8" white birch for the larger sizes and 1/16" for the 48" size. The 60" and 102" sizes are also available in 4mm Okume which is much like mahogany. The 48" size is available in 1/16" white birch or mahogany.

They have been used on J-Boat models of other designs, not willing to wait until I provide the deck houses for other designs.
I show the layouts for the Lionheart, Ranger and Rainbow but do not have the .dxf files prepared for laser cutting. I will provide a set for these deck house designs in exchange for someone paying for the .dxf file preparation. The estimate for each of the .dxf files is $200.

See Robert Diaz and Yago Gonzoles's photos on my home page. They both installed the Endeavour deck houses for the 102" J-Class models on their 89" Shamrock V fiberglass hulls from Chesapeake Performance Models.

See Pat Foley's 46" J-Boat Endeavour deck houses that are of the same design but cut for 48" models.
To enlarge each image, click on it. They can be saved and printed out locally or sent to local Staples Print Centers if desired.

I have a PowerPoint Slide Show of the Endeavour deck house that I will send to those who request it by e-mail.
The Deck House assembly instruction diagrams are at Deckhouses.

A PhotoShow of John Hanks decking Bob Eger's J-Class =""Shamrock V was posted on this web site. It is based on his DVD where he tells you step by step what and why he is doing things. John Hanks makes this inspirational DVD available for a modest distribution cost. His e-mail address is given at the end of the PhotoShow. It is well worth the time to study his many innovations.

Robert Diaz is finishing up his 89" J-Boat Shamrock V following the John Hanks method of decking but with the Endeavour deck houses set into the frames. See the PhotoShow of his work NOW. Click for John Hanks' Endeavour II Photo Show of his remarkably detailed deck and deck houses. The PhotoShow of his building this 1/16" Scale J-Class hull will be posted here later.

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