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Models by Design's Steam Cutter Solent

Models By Design of the UK offers their Steam Cutter Solent and many other molded hulls.

"Models by Design" has a very extensive list of molded hulls shown on their web site. I can recommended some of them over making equivalent models from laser cut frames. The big advantage my frames provide is that I can make them in virtually any size. For example, Steam Cutter Solent may be a good alternative to the Steam Launch Bat but may be smaller than the steam plant you want. I can do the S L Bat as large or small as you like. Models by Design mainly does ships and power boat models. They have a wide range of accessories to complete your models including motors, electronize speed controllers, M Sonik speed controllers, shaft couplings, stainless steel propeller shafts (all sizes made to measure), six volt and twelve volt gel cell batteries and chargers, Epoxy glues, glassfibre mat and resins and scale fittings.

I will encourage them to offer molded sailboat hulls. They may want decks, deck houses, stands and wooden accessories in support of their hulls. stocks many of the Models by Design products and many other items of interest to classic model sailboat builders.

Click on the photos to go to a sub-directory for the Steam Cutter Solent. "Models by Design" has a very extensive list of molded hulls.

Select one of their hulls and let me know what decks, deck houses, or other features you want to add that I can make for you in laser cut Okoume, mahogany or other material.

I you have a sketch or photo, I may be able to provide you a price very quickly.

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I offer the Truscott Fantail Launch as an alternative to the Steam Cutter Solent. It is higher sided and has more sea keeping ability if you will be running your model in a chop.

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