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Popular Mechanics Link

Click for 1936 Vanja Article.

Vanja 73" Fast A Class Model Sailboat

Popular Mechanics March and April 1935 provided
the Vanja 73" Fast A Class article by George Baron.

I have made 4 fiberglass hulls from my Vanja 73" mold.
This one was made for Porter Loring of San Antonio, TX.

I offer a variety of options:
1) Fiberglas 73" Vanja hulls for $600. $700 with deck and rudder as shown.
2) My fiberglass mold for $800 for those who want to make their own.
3) Frames in various sizes for several model sailboats for $150 per set.
4) Complete, ready to sail/race r/c Vanja models for $3,500.
5) A Cd-Rom with two "how to books" in .pdf format with photos for $25.
One is Thomas Houle's "How to build and race model boats".
The Vanja design can be provided in a various sizes.

The Vanja mold has been used to pull only 5 hulls. It is a two part mold with the ballast keel area separate. That is so a builder can devise his own keel to make the model stiffer than the original design.

These large models are ideal for those who wish to do match racing on their own pond as I prefer to do.

See my IOD and Vanja YouTube videos to see how they are built.
Click for YouTube.

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Milton Thrasher
941 966-9172

Additional Vanja 73" Fast A Class Manual Information

Click for Vanja Manual and Lines Drawings.

My Vanja 73" fiberglass mold is now available for $750 plus shipping.
It is shown with the manual and lines drawing.

International One Design Builders' Comments

I plan to add John Hanks' J-Boat models as boat art to my Plastic Bag Art PhotoShow. The would appear to be carried.

On IOD 48" question about ballast

From Malcolm Farrant of the UK:

I cast my own at +/-9lbs. It turned out to be about right. Of course it depends on the construction. Mine as you will remember is all planked (Maple) in all some 80+ planks, plus Mahogany fittings. I think I would settle on an initial max of 9 lbs. The centre can always be drilled if that is too much.


Malcolm Farrant

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