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Rev. John L. Steer

John Steer, a paratrooper with the 173rd Airborne Infantry during the Vietnam War, personally experienced two of the worst battles of the Vietnam War: The Slope in June, 1961 and Hill 875 in November, 1967.

Awarded two Purple Hearts, the Bronze Star, and the Silver Star; he was living "on the brink of insanity," filled with hate and obsessed with killing the enemy.

It was on Hill 875 that John lost his right arm and his leg was severely wounded. After lying wounded for two days under dead bodies, praying that he wouldn't die and that the enemy wouldn't find him, he was finally rescued and flown to a hospital where four surgeons operated for five hours to save his life.

After almost two years spent in hospitals, John met and married his wife, Donna- For the next five years he experienced re-adjustment problems common to Vietnam veterans, including alcohol and drug abuse, nightmares, fears, anxieties, guilt and anger- He felt he had to prove himself since his right arm bad been replaced by a hook.

After finally reaching the end of himself, he cried out to God and was saved. Since 1980, John has traveled throughout the United States and 17 countries preaching the good news of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

John is currently National Chaplain for three veterans organizations. He is Director of Living Word Christian Ministries, a 501C3 Not for Profit, Inc. John and his wife of 30 years were awarded the 682nd Presidential Point of Light by President Bush for their work with veterans. John has a special burden to reach the American Veteran for Christ.

John is an ordained minister and Certified Addiction Specialist. John preaches in various denominational churches where they believe in the simplicity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Salvation by grace through faith in our Lord. (If I confess with my mouth, and believe in my heart in. the Lord Jesus, I shall be saved.)

John spent 17 days ministering to literally hundreds of victims and family members in New York City after the September 11, 2001 vicious attack on our country. John and his wife, Donna are planning to go back to New York City for a month early in 2002 to continue helping the needy. They will work through Christian Disater Response.

John is an accomplished singer, song writer, recording artist, speaker and author. He has received 3 awards from the North American Country Music Association. Patriotic Song of the Year, 1999 ~ "When I See Old Glory".
Male Vocalist of the Year, 1999 ~ Traditional Gospel / Adult Division
Most Promising Male Entertainer of the Year ~ Traditional Gospel / Adult DIvision

For bookings and information, call or write: Living Word Christian Ministries Rev. John L Steer 2851 Thornhill Road Winter Haven, FL 33890

Phone: 863-968-9052

Wounded Soldier is John's latest book, available for: $10.95.

Cassettes and CD's available are: Christmas Song, When I See Old Glory, Wounded Soldier, Breaktime, John Steer ~ Originals
Cassettes Only are: Circuit Rider, Requested Favorite; It's Little Country, Peace In The Valley, Preacher Man, Cowboy's Journey, Country Gospel
(All Cassettes and CDs:
$10.00 Donation)

If you are interested in helping John's Ministry, please make your tax deductible contributions to:
Living Word Christian Ministries

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