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Idioms on Handouts

Language Proficiency / Class Time / Materials / Procedure / Options / Notes

Language Proficiency: Intermediate to Advanced

Class Time: About 10-15 minutes


 Overhead Projector


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 Break up class into groups of three or four.

 Distribute handouts to each student.

 Allow about 5 minutes for each group to discuss what they think each
idiom means.

 Go over hand outs together with class.

 Ask for volunteers to tell the class what the idioms mean.

Go over the literal meaning as well as the idiomatic meaning.

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 Break class up into smaller groups.

 Have each group make up their own idiom using some of the same
words that were used in the idioms on the hand out.

 This activity can be done individually instead of in groups.

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 Make sure you explain to the class what idioms are before doing this

 Hand-outs come from teacher's "homework." Teacher is responsible
for cutting and pasting the hand-outs before coming to class.

 Idioms may be found in newspapers or in magazines.

 Make sure idioms are found in everyday materials that the students
have exposure to on a daily basis.

 Walk around to ensure all groups are communicating in English.

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