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Idioms in the Headlines

Language Proficiency / Class Time / Materials / Procedure / Options / Notes / Idioms on Handouts

Language Proficiency: Intermediate to Advanced (Students need to know the language before they learn idiomatic use of the language.)

Class Time: About 15-20 minutes



 Overhead Projector or Chalkboard


 Plain Paper

 Glue or Tape

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 Break class up into groups of three or four.

 Pass out a newspaper to each group.

 Pass out scissors, glue, and plain paper to each group.

 Instruct groups to find at least three headlines that have idioms in them.

 Allow 10 minutes for each group to look through the newspapers.

 Have each group cut and paste their headlines on to their plain paper.

 Each group says their headlines out loud.

 Teacher writes the headline on the overhead projector or chalkboard.

 After each group is finished, go over each idiom with the class.

 Discuss the literal meaning of the idiom as well as the idiomatic meaning.

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 Have each group write their idioms on the overhead projector or chalkboard.

 Allow less time for looking through newspapers (for more advanced students).

 Have each group come up with at least five headlines with headlines.

 Have groups find three headlines with idioms and without idioms and discuss the differences.

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 Make sure you review what idioms are before doing this activity.

 Give some example headlines glued or taped on plain paper that you have found so the students see what they are supposed to be doing.

 Walk around during the activity to make sure the students are communicating in English only.

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