Information below was gathered using the actual videos of the movies. In the instances where I don't have a copy of the movie, information was gathered from the Internet Movie Database. Pierce Brosnan is listed as the first cast member on each film, even if he wasn't the first one in the credits. (Hey, I'm a fan of him...not these other people.)

A special agent (Brosnan) must recover a painting. A sequel to "Death Train."
Directed by: David Jackson
Written by: David Jackson
Cast: Pierce Brosnan; Ron Berglas; Jasna Bilusic; Harold Bone; Cecil Cheng; Daphne Cheung; David Cheung; Paul Courtenay-Hya; William Devane; Terry Diab; Kate Harper; Janna Jackson; Tom Jansen; Mark King; Frano Lasic; Ron Li-Paz; Natasa Roteroe Lusetic; Hidde Maas; Ed Miller; Irene Ng; Adrian Pang; Alexandra Paul; Tomaslav Ralis; Natalie Roles; Rolf Saxon; Michael J. Shannon; Lim Kay Siu; Swee-Lin; Goran Visnjic; Rex Wei; Benedict Wong; Suncana Zelenika

Brosnan takes over the role of James Bond.
Directed by: Martin Campbell
Written by: Jeffrey Caine, Bruce Feirstein, Michael France
Cast: Pierce Brosnan; Sean Bean; Izabella Scorupco; Famke Janssen; Joe Don Baker; Judi Dench; Robbie Coltrane; Tchéky Karyo; Gottfried John; Alan Cumming; Desmond Llewelyn; Samantha Bond; Michael Kitchen; Serena Gordon; Simon Kunz; Pavel Douglas; Cmdt. Olivier Lajous; Billy J. Mitchell; Constantine Gregory; Minnie Driver; Michelle Arthur; Ravil Issyanov; Vladimir Milanovitch; Trevor Byfield; Peter Majer

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