Information below was gathered using the actual videos of the movies. In the instances where I don't have a copy of the movie, information was gathered from the Internet Movie Database. Pierce Brosnan is listed as the first cast member on each film, even if he wasn't the first one in the credits. (Hey, I'm a fan of him...not these other people.)

A research scientist (Brosnan) makes a genius out of a simple handy-man.
Directed by: Brett Leonard
Written by: Gimel Everett, Brett Leonard, Stephen King--based (very loosely) on his story
Cast: Pierce Brosnan; Jeff Fahey; Jenny Wright; Mark Bringleson; Geoffrey Lewis; Jeremy Slate; Dean Norris; Colleen Coffey; Jim Landis; Troy Evans; Rosalee Mayeux; Austin O'Brien; Michael Gregory; Joe Hart; John Laughlin; Ray Lykins; Michael Valverde; Dale Raoul; Frank Collison; Jonathan Smart; Stephen Gregory Foster; Doug Hutchison; Denney Pierce; Roger Rook; Craig Benton; Randall Fontana; Mara Duronslet; Duane Byrne

LIVE WIRE (1992)
A bomb expert (Brosnan) must stop the use of a new, lethal bomb.
Directed by: Christian Duguay
Written by: Bart Baker
Cast: Pierce Brosnan; Ron Silver; Ben Cross; Lisa Eilbacher; Tony Plana; Al Waxman; Brent Jennings; Philip Baker Hall; Michael St. Gerard; Clement von Franckenstein; Ivan E. Roth; Selma Archerd; Rick Cicetti; Norman Burton; Scott Burkholder; Mark Phelan; Tracy Tweed; Danielle Zuckerman; Lenka Peterson; Eric Briant Wells; Michael Andrew Kelly; Amanda Foreman; Vic Navarro; Thom Curley; Bob Parmakian; John Nielsen; Phil Boardman; Mimi Cozzens; Nels Van Patten; Michael J. Shea; Vernon Scott

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