Information below was gathered using the actual videos of the movies. In the instances where I don't have a copy of the movie, information was gathered from the Internet Movie Database. Pierce Brosnan is listed as the first cast member on each film, even if he wasn't the first one in the credits. (Hey, I'm a fan of him...not these other people.)

An ambitious young man gets into big trouble in his African village.
Directed by: Bruce Beresford
Written by: William Boyd, Joyce Cary--the book
Cast: Pierce Brosnan; Beatie Edney; Bella Enahoro; Maynard Eziashi; Steve James; Edward Woodward

MURDER 101 (1991)
A writing professor (Brosnan) is the prime suspect in a murder.
Directed by: Bill Condon
Written by: Roy Johansen
Cast: Pierce Brosnan; Dey Young; Antoni Corone; Raphael Sbarge; Kim Thomson; Mark L. Taylor; J. Kenneth Campbell; Todd Merrill; Yorgo Constantine; Yavone Evans; Dianne Itull; Walter Klenhard; Terry Markwell; Kathe E. Mazur; Mary Lou Piccard; Judy Prescott; Janet Rotblatt; Mitchell Slabach; Suzanne Stone; Bob Sweeney; Jack Thibeau

A woman falls in love with a man (Brosnan), but another woman tries to convince her he isn't what he appears to be.
Directed by: Jerry London
Written by: James Desmarais, Alison Rosenfeld Desmarais
Cast: Pierce Brosnan; JoBeth Williams; Virginia Madsen; Georgia Brown; Murphy Cross; Ruben Pla; Yuri Ogawa; Gary Bolen; Terry Kohl

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