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Save LM Information

Everyone, call PAX this Friday, February 4th to support messages to PAX guestbook that will be read by PAX this week, all of us need to call this one time to support, if they get phone calls all in one time, then they might think differently about their decision about our show!!! Go to this link for numbers to call PAX!!!


In this new millenium, we are all happy and jolly, but the future of our show is unknown. Some word has been given on this future from the production company, Motion International, and us, the fans,continue to fight for this show that has come to mean so much to us in the past year. Now is probably the most important time for us to keep up this fight so that we may receive the very best resolution in this new century---that LM be RENEWED!!! Let's stick together in this century and show that we will not give up on the best show on television!!!

To find out the latest on the campaign, along with a lot of other information, go to Dan's Little Men Campaign Site.

Save LM Links on My Site:

Write PAX(Addresses & contact information
Write PAX Letters Info and Letters from all the Fans are Posted here
Contacts Other Than PAX and Motion International(Talk shows & other media)
Write Motion International
Fax PAX---includes sample fax letter from Karin!
Support Postcards to Cast & Crew of LM
Mail Tape to the Media Campaign
Call PAX!!!
First Half of Networks
Second Half of Networks
First Half of Sponsors
Second Half of Sponsors
Newspapers, Magazines, & other Media

Also, to view the Guestbook of Messages to PAX, it can be read at the following link.