JWL PPV- Royal Rumble 2003

Live from The Ice Palace, Tampa, Florida

You know the drill.

Opening Tag Team Match: The Hardyz (Matt and Jeff) (w/Lita) vs. Raven and Stevie Richards (w/Tori)

Lillian: "The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall."

("Come Out and Play (Keep 'Em Separated)" by The Offspring plays, as the heels climb over the guardrail.)

LG: "Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Tori and representing Raven's Nest, at a total combined weight of 464 lbs., from the Bowery, RAVEN and from Philadelphia, PA, STEVIE RICHARDS!"

Crowd boos. Raven frowns and looks intimidating, and Stevie makes goofy faces for the camera, causing Raven to slap him.

(The Hardyz' music plays)

Crowd pops.

LG: "And their opponents, being led to the ring by Lita and representing Team Xtreme, from Cameron, NC, at a total combined weight of 437 lbs., MATT AND JEFF, THE HARDYZ!"

As the Hardyz and Lita climb up to the top turnbuckles and pose for the appreciative crowd, Raven sits and mopes in the remaining corner. Raven gets on the mic and insists that the match take place under "Raven's Rules," which means no-DQ, no-countout and falls-count-anywhere. Referee Jim Molineaux asks the Hardyz if they accept, and they do.

Matt and Stevie start, and we get a good mix of matwork (no pun intended) and aerial moves. Stevie catches Matt on a bodypress attempt and gets a powerslam for two. Stevie works over Matt, keeping him grounded with some basic holds. Stevie tags in Raven and we get a brief double-team. Raven takes control and does the triple rolling vertical suplexes for two. Raven dumps Matt to the floor and takes over with chairshots. Stevie joins in the beating. Jeff runs over and hits his flying lariat off the barrier onto Stevie to make the save. It becomes a wild brawl on the floor, with all four men utilizing whatever is not nailed down. Raven hits Matt, still technically the legal man, with the Russian Legsweep against the barrier. Jeff makes the save. Stevie Steviekicks Jeff into next week to take him out of the match. Raven and Matt are still beating the hell out of each other, and both guys are bleeding. Lita and Tori are fighting it out as well. Matt comes back and sets up for the Twist of Fate, but Raven pushes him into the ringpost. Raven kicks Matt in the gut and hits the Raven Effect on a chair for the pin at 8:30. Crowd boos.

LG: "Here are your winners, RAVEN AND STEVIE RICHARDS!"

We go to the Misfits' lockerroom, where Joey Styles is attempting to interview Luna Vachon and Ice Cold about their match with Revolution members Jungle Grrrl and "The Real Deal" Selina Majors.

JOEY: "In your feud with the Revolution, you are currently tied. Luna, you defeated Selina on Episode 7 of JWL TV, and Ice Cold, you lost to Jungle Grrrl at our last show."

LUNA: "They have no idea what they have done. Selina, you and I go back a long way. It is not over between us."

ICE: "Jungle Grrrl, you got lucky in your win over me. But, you're not in the jungle anymore. You're in the ICE Palace, and you're going to feel COLDER than you ever have before. You're going to feel a little ICE COLD! CAN YOU FEEL THE CHILL?"

Elsewhere, Kevin Kelly is interviewing JG and Selina.

SELINA:"I must say that I'm disappointed in Ice Cold, along with Poison and Jacklyn Hyde, for siding with the Misfits. They were all very helpful in the cause of the WOW Revolution when we left WOW for the WWF back in 2001. Poison and Ice Cold beat Harley's Angels for the WOW Tag Titles after those damn biker chicks turned their backs on the Revolution. I don't know what caused Ice, Poison and Jacklyn to leave the Revolution, but we're going to teach them a lesson and get some revenge."

JG: "Luna, Ice Cold. Let this be a lesson to you. Don't hunt what you can't kill. Respect the laws of the jungle!"

Back to the ring.

Luna Vachon and Ice Cold (w/Gangrel) vs. Jungle Grrrl and "The Real Deal" Selina Majors

Lillian: "The following women's tag team contest is scheduled for one fall."

("Welcome to the Jungle" plays)

LG: "Introducing first, representing the Revolution, from the Amazon Rain Forest, JUNGLE GRRRL!"

("We Will Rock You" plays)

LG: "And her partner, also representing the Revolution, from Atlanta, GA, 'THE REAL DEAL' SELINA MAJORS!"

The Revolution members plot strategy.

("Blood" plays, as Gangrel and Luna rise up through the floor with their ring of fire entrance.)

LG: "And their opponents, first being accompanied by Gangrel and representing the Misfits, from the Other Side of Darkness, LUNA VACHON!"

("Cold as Ice" by Foreigner plays, as the fire is replaced by falling snow.)

LG: "And her partner, also representing the Misfits, from the Deep Freeze, ICE COLD!"

We see clips of the Luna-Selina and Ice Cold-JG matches that set up this tag match.

Crowd is split 50-50 here.

Ice and JG start, and we get some good solid wrestling sequences. JG gets a flying clothesline for 2. JG dropkicks Ice for 2. Again. JG keeps trying for the pin, drawing great heat. JG tags in Selina, drawing a good pop. We get more good action. Ice fights back with a DDT and tags in Luna. Luna, of course, goes nuts on Selina, just beating the hell out of her. Crowd is popping big time for Luna. Luna suplexes Selina for 2. Again. Luna goes to work on Selina's knee, the knee that Harley's Angels injured on the first episode of WOW's TV show back in 2000. Luna gets a figure-four and Selina is definitely in trouble here. Ice runs to the other side of the ring and pulls JG off of the apron to prevent her from interfering. Ice and JG brawl around the ring area. Referee Tim White gets distracted by this, until Gangrel gets up on the apron and tells White to pay attention to what's happening in the ring. White goes back and Luna is keeping the pressure on Selina with the figure-four. Outside the ring, JG has suplexed Ice on the floor to take her out of the match for now. Selina is trying desperately to either get to the ropes or turn over to force Luna to break the hold. Selina makes it to the ropes. Selina is now crawling to her corner, and JG has made it back to the corner in time. Luna continues to pound on Selina, but Selina fights back and gets the hot tag to JG. JG explodes on Luna. Luna bails and revives Ice and drags her back to the ring. Luna rolls back in and tags in Ice, who is mostly recovered from the suplex on the floor. Ice avoids JG's lariat and fights back with elbows and slams. Finally, Ice hits a Tombstone, climbs to the top rope, and drops the Deep Freeze (top rope elbow) for the pin at 9:30. Crowd pops.

Lillian: "Here are your winners, LUNA VACHON AND ICE COLD!"


LG: "Introducing, the wrestler who drew #1."

("Also Sprach Zarathustra" plays, drawing a huge pop.)

LG: "From Charlotte, NC, representing the Four Horsemen, he is a former 10-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, a former 8-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, a 2-time former WWE World Heavyweight Champion and a 2x WCW International World Heavyweight Champion, 'THE NATURE BOY' RIC FLAIR!"

LG: "Introducing, the wrestler who drew #2."

("Perfect Strangers" by Deep Purple plays, drawing a big heel pop.)

LG: "From Pittsburgh, PA, representing the Franchise Foundation, he is a former 3-time ECW World Heavyweight Champion, 'THE FRANCHISE' SHANE DOUGLAS!"

They basically beat the hell out of each other, with Shane failing to eliminate Flair, for the first two minutes.


Flair is in luck, because the 3-time former WWE World Heavyweight Champion "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels is #3, and if there's anyone who Shane Douglas hates as much as he hates Ric Flair, it's Shawn Michaels. So Shane goes after Shawn, giving Flair a chance to rest for the remainder of the period. Crowd doesn't like Shawn either, so they continue to chant for Flair.


It's former WWE World Tag Team Champion EARTHQUAKE at #4! Now EVERYONE is in trouble! Quake goes after Shane first, looking for revenge for his loss to Shane's Franchise Foundation stablemate Jeff Jarrett, which launched the feud between the Foundation and the Dungeon of Doom. Quake crushes Shane in the corner, hits the Quake splash and dumps him. Shawn and Flair realize that the best strategy is to try to stay out of Quake's way.


It's former 3-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion DDP at #5! DDP goes after everyone, but only succeeds in hitting a Diamond Cutter on HBK. Flair joins in the beating, then turns on DDP and chops the hell out of him. (Whoooo!) Meanwhile, Quake has squashed and dumped Shawn. The faces continue beating on DDP until....


It's former 4-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion THE UNDERTAKER at #6! Instead of riding his motorcycle, he runs down to the ring and Quake and Flair stand back and let UT beat the hell out of Page. Taker is STILL mad at DDP for stalking Taker's wife Sara back in 2001. Taker absolutely demolishes DDP, finishing with the Last Ride, and eliminates DDP.


It's former ECW World Heavyweight Champion RHINO at #7! He charges in and gores UT right off the bat, looking to continue Raven's Nest's streak of success tonight. Rhino then gores Flair and even gores Quake. Rhino stands triumphant in the middle of the ring until...


It's former 4-time ECW World Heavyweight Champion THE SANDMAN at #8! He skips his usual drawn out entrance and charges into the ring and begins caning Rhino. The two former ECW World Heavyweight Champions slug it out while Flair, UT and Quake recover from the previous segment. No one gets eliminated.



FROM HELLFIRE AND BRIMSTONE, it's former WWE World Heavyweight Champion "THE BIG RED MACHINE" KANE at #9!

Kane charges in and everyone clears out of his way. He goes after UT, of course, and they brawl for a while. Kane actually manages to eliminate UT, to the shock of the crowd! Kane clotheslines Quake out as well, ending Quake's hopes of gaining revenge on the Franchise Foundation. Flair, Sandman and Rhino are all in trouble as Kane tries to figure out who to dump next.


It's former 3-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion BIG VAN VADER at #10! He goes right after Kane and beats the hell out of him to the delight of the crowd. Vader dumps Kane. Flair is worried, and the crowd is worried for him, considering Flair's and Vader's past feuds in WCW. Rhino takes Vader's mind off of Flair by goring him. Flair and Sandman rest as the monsters fight it out until...


It's former ECW World Television Champion RVD at #11! RVD runs in and begins to kick away at everyone, particularly targeting past rivals Rhino and Sandman. Flair comes back and gets in some chops on RVD, just to remind him that he's there. Sandman canes away on Rhino. Vader rests as Flair-RVD and Sandman-Rhino fight it out until...


It's the former WCW Hardcore Champion MENG at #12! Meng runs in and begins beating on everyone, showing no favorites. Meng hits some HARD chops, kicks and headbutts on Rhino, dazing him. Meng actually dumps Rhino. RVD attacks Meng and they fight it out until...


It's former 7-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion THE ROCK at #13! The Rock goes after the Sandman, furthering the feud between the Royals and the Hardcore Alliance. The Sandman canes away at the Rock, but Rock fights back with low blows and hits the Rock Bottom and goes for the Royal Elbow. Even though you can't pin someone in a Royal Rumble, he still is able to hit it, drawing a huge heel pop. Rock goes to eliminate Sandman, but the Hardcore Icon hangs on and both guys hit the floor.


It's former ECW World Heavyweight Champion TOMMY DREAMER at #14! The Innovator of Violence brings plunder to the ring and begins using it on everyone. He particularly targets his longtime nemesis RVD. Tommy destroys RVD and actually dumps him. Meng attacks Dreamer and the last-ever WCW Hardcore Champion and the last-ever WWE Hardcore Champion fight it out until...


It's former 2-time ECW World Heavyweight Champion TAZ at #15! The Human Suplex Machine runs in and lives up to his name by hitting suplexes on Dreamer, Meng, Flair and even Vader. Taz keeps up the attack on Vader until....


It's former 6-time WWE Hardcore Champion AL SNOW at #16! Snow brings Head with him and hits Taz with it right off the bat. Vader and Snow, both members of the Shooters, beat down Taz and dump him.


It's former 5-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion HHH at #17! He goes after everyone, hitting all his knee moves. He tries to get Flair to help him, but Flair refuses and chops away on HHH instead.


It's former ECW World Heavyweight Champion MASATO TANAKA at #18! He unleashes his rolling elbows on everyone. He follows up by pounding on whoever he sees until...


It's former WCW World Heavyweight Champion "BIG POPPA PUMP" SCOTT STEINER at #19! He goes nuts on everyone with suplexes and clotheslines. Steiner dumps Snow, drawing boos.


It's former 4-time USWA Unified World Heavyweight Champion KAMALA at #20! Kamala runs in and he and DOD stablemate Meng double-team Steiner. Dreamer and Tanaka are beating on HHH in one corner and Flair and Vader are fighting it out in another.


It's former 3-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion KURT ANGLE at #21! He suplexes Dreamer out and goes nuts on HHH. Crowd actually pops, not because they like Angle, but because they hate HHH. Steiner joins in the fight as well.


It's former ECW World Heavyweight Champion "THE BEAST FROM THE EAST" BAM BAM BIGELOW at #22! Bigelow runs in to help his Shooters stablemate Vader. BBB and BVV beat the hell out of Flair for a while. Vader actually dumps Flair, after some 44 minutes. HHH attacks Bigelow, and the feud between the Shooters and the Clique continues.


It's former 4-time WWE World Tag Team Champion LANCE STORM at #23! He goes after Bigelow, having missed his chance to eliminate Flair and score some points in the feud between the Horsemen and Trish Stratus' Stratusfaction Inc. Meanwhile, Steiner has eliminated Kamala.


It's former 4-time ECW World Television Champion 2 COLD SCORPIO at #24! Scorps runs in and begins hitting aerial stuff on everyone. He targets HHH and they fight it out for a while.


It's former WWE Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion WILLIAM REGAL at #25! Regal is wearing his brass knucks and unleashes the "power of the punch" on everyone. Regal dumps Storm and Scorpio, then Angle. Regal tries Tanaka next, but it only staggers him. Tanaka and Regal fight it out until...


It's former 2-time ECW World Heavyweight Champion MIKE AWESOME at #26! No "70s Guy," "fat-chick-thriller" or any of the other stupid gimmicks WCW saddled him with in 2000. This is the monster who struck fear in everyone in ECW and FMW. Awesome goes after Regal intending to rescue his Hardcore Alliance stablemate/longtime rival Tanaka. Awesome goes for the Awesome Bomb on Regal, but Regal hits Mike with the knucks. Awesome collapses and Regal lands on top. Regal dumps Awesome and Tanaka dumps Regal. Steiner dumps Bigelow. Steiner goes after Tanaka and they fight it out, eliminating each other.


It's former WWE World Tag Team Champion KANYON at #27! He goes after HHH, and they fight it out until Meng sneaks up and dumps Kanyon!


It's former 3-time ECW World Tag Team Champion PERRY SATURN at #28! Saturn goes after Vader, and they fight it out for a time until...


It's former 3-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion JEFF JARRETT at #29! The crowd boos him and Jarrett has some guitars with him. Jarrett dumps Saturn right off the bat. Meng, realizing that this is his last chance tonight to get revenge on the Franchise Foundation, charges at Jarrett and tries to dump him, but Jarrett smacks Meng with a guitar and dumps him!


Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion "THE CRIPPLER" CHRIS BENOIT IS #30!

Your final four: Chris Benoit, Jeff Jarrett, Vader and HHH.

Everyone fights everyone now. Benoit dumps Jarrett. The faces take turns beating the hell out of HHH. Vader goes to dump HHH, but HHH hangs on to the ropes and manages to send Vader out instead. As HHH tries to get back in, Benoit dumps HHH to win the Rumble and the Title at 63:00. Crowd pops huge.


End of show.