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PROPHECY: Asteroid Dream#2-Three Asteroids
February 25, 2002

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Dear WPA and others:

I was just lying in my bed, getting ready to turn out the lights. The clock was very near to 2 A.M.

Suddenly, one of my children reported to me that she was just awakened by a dream, in which she was at her place of employment in Coral Springs. She and her friends were outside, looking up at the sky.

They could see three streaks, and they were discussing that asteroids were heading at us, and they were scared.

I am fully aware that, in Bob Neumann's vison, the first dream warnings came at 2 A.M., so I am taking this very seriously.

Additionally, Bob's vision was given on the net one week ago.

I just tried to call Bob at home, and I spoke with his wife. She apparently has no knowledge of the Asteroid/Tidal Wave dream vision, and Bob is working until 8:30 A.M. She advised me to call him back then, as there is apparently no assured way of reaching him at the hospital when he is at work. Even if I could reach him, I'm not sure what help he would be if he has not been on the net, and is not reachable by phone.

So, I note that the circumstances tonite are not the same as they were in Bob's vision, when he was seated at his computer at 2 A.M., and not at work where he cannot be reached.

At this point, I am inclined to attribute the dream vision of the anonymous person to bad pepperoni, and the fact that I had discussed the dream/vision with her a few days ago. Still, the 2 A.M. timing of it is quite compelling.

I'm going to stay up a few hours to see if anyone else receives anything, and I'm going to give myself in prayer to the Lord to see what He has to say.

Anyone else awake out there in WPA land?

Is this a drill or the real deal?

Stephen L. Bening

Dear WPA:

It is now 8 A.M., and it appears that what I have just been through is a type of test of the WPA asteroid/tidal wave emergency alert system. I believe the Lord set this dry run up, and I believe the dream had by my daughter was from Him.

As I reported earlier, I made my original post at about 2:25 A.M., and called Bob Neumann's house after that.

I prayed from 2:25 A.M., to sometime after 3 A.M. The Lord filled me with peace, and I went to sleep.

I awakened at 5:30 A.M. and checked email. I had no mail at that time, except for some that came from John Lallier. He had no confirmation of any warning. I talked with the Lord, and I still had peace.

I awakened again at 7 A.M. and checked mail, and had heard from Joe Cook. Again, no confirmation was forthcoming. After a quick chat with the Lord, my peace remained.

I received no telephone calls at all during this period.

It is now 8 A.M., and I have just shipped my two youngest children off to school. If this were not a test, and we were under an actual emergency situation, I would have had to have been on the road by 8 A.M., in order to make it to Chattanooga by 10 P.M. tonight. So, as far as I am concerned, the alert is over. For all practical intents, it was over at 3 A.M. when the Lord gave me peace and I went to sleep.

As I look back over this, I have these thoughts:

1. We have email technology, computers, televisions, telephones, cellphones and cars, but we are still, totally, 100% dependent on the Lord to warn us of an emergency in time to escape from trouble. Most of you probably have not even read the first email report from 2 A.M. yet. If you lived South of West Palm Beach, Florida, and we were under the actual Neumann vision scenario, it would already be pushing things to get ready, get going and reach high ground by 10 P.M.

2. When I am pressured, I prioritize "being led forth by the way of peace", in prayer, more highly than any dream. If I had lacked peace during my 3 A.M. prayer session, I would have posted one last alert on the net, and I would have begun to prepare to leave. I would not have gone back to sleep.

Bob is due home right about now. It will be interesting to see his response when he comes in from working all night, and he sees what I have been through. I expect to get a call.

I'll be interested to hear from the any of the rest of you who might be interested in how this alert system could be improved, as the technological side of things did not seem to reach too many people in time.

It just shows me that all of the time I have invested in my relationship with Jesus is paying great dividends. There is no substitute for hearing the Lord's voice and being led forth by Him and the peace he gives.

Interesting....I was teaching the kids in Sunday school yesterday, and I read from Genesis to them::

" Shall I hide from Abraham what I am about to do?" I was teaching the children that it is most important that they become like Abraham was.....a friend of God.

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

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