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What The Lord Said To Me Today
Assembly Discipline and "The Two Witnesses"

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Assembly Discipline and "The Two Witnesses"

Dear Watchmen-Prophets-Assembly

For the last two weeks, I have operated in such a way, behind the scenes, to prevent a reoccurrence of what many of us have just experienced at Watchman Seers USA Egroup.

I feel led today to tell the group what I have done, and also to circulate a warning to the group.

First of all, about two weeks ago, I made the decision that new members who are not known to me, Alex or Ron will be placed on moderated mode. This was done at the specific prompting of the Lord.

I was told this morning that Dean Gibbons, member name "dwitness", approached one member by private email in the last 5 days, claiming to be one of the two witnesses and warning that unless he is followed, terrible consequences will result. I have blocked Mr. Gibbons' ability to post to the group. He remains a member if he wishes to read only. He may not write.

James Welty, member names "squeakytoyz" and "slurpy", attacked Ron Williams and me personally 10 days ago. I also blocked his ability to post. He remains a member for read only purposes.

Vincent Berardi posted twice and his posts were caught and sent to me by moderated mode. I rejected his posts, on the condition that I would not accept any posts from him until he repented of his final post to Watchman Seers, where he called curses down on several people. Mr Berardi has chosen to unsubscribe.

Scott Hofstee, member name "daysofthunder", also claims, along with his brother, Brett Hofstee, to be one of the two witnesses of Revelation 11. I am not allowing his posts. He is still a member for read only purposes.

Well, that is the summary of "assembly discipline" to date. As you are aware, I cannot block any of these people from contacting any of you by private email, but I am attempting to fulfill my responsibility to sit at the gate of our assembly and make judgements concerning what should be allowed into this forum. Please pray for me that the Lord will continue to give me advance warnings of the actions of those who would seek to destroy the unity that we have and the love that we have for one another. Please pray that the Lord will also give me heightened discernment to recognize false teaching and doctrine when I see it.

As an aside, with respect to "the two witnesses", it is now obvious that we have four men now, with affiliation to our group, who claim these two spots. I personally know of two more who live in Jerusalem who quietly make this claim. Dr. Bill Deagle of Colorado has published that he "is one of the 24 elders" and has spoken verbally, in my hearing, that he is one of the two witnesses. Therefore, it is evident that at least 7 men I know of now claim these two positions. As you can see, 5 must be deceived or imposters: only 2 of the 7 could possibly be the genuine article.

All group members are therefore warned that if any one of these men, or others contact you, claiming to be one of the two witnesses of Revelation 11, there is, at a minimum, a 71.4% chance that they are either deceived or are an imposter. Therefore, beware!

I have previously written an article that is available on my website on the two witnesses deception.

Who are the two witnesses? Are they on the earth right now? Maybe! Have they begun their 42 months of prophesying yet? No! None of those making the two witnesses claim are ministering in the requisite POWER. The Lord will reveal them by POWER when it is time. None of them are wearing sackcloth, (except an eighth one I did not mention, who calls himself "Elijah", and is in Jerusalem right now).

Then, finally, the question becomes: what are we as Christians to do when we are approached by these men? What will their role be prior to the commencement of their 1260 days of prophesying? Well, the scripture does not say they are prophets: it says they will prophesy. (Oops, wrong, error here has been pointed out and so noted. They are prophets, according to Revelation 11:10. Please forgive my oversight.)

I'll give you my view: it's what I believe on the matter, and is subject to change as the Lord gives me light. It is not provable by bible doctrine, but it's what I believe in my spirit regarding the matter. As Paul would say: this is not what the Lord says; it is what Stephen says. I believe that any servant of the Lord is a candidate to be one of these two witnesses. The Lord knows who they are, but nobody else knows who they will be right now. My belief is that anybody who thinks they are one of these two witnesses, ahead of the 1260 days of prophesying, has been deceived. Since these two witnesses will stand at the right and left of the Lord, according to Zechariah, they apparently have what James and John sought through their mother. The Lord simply told James and John that those seats next to him were reserved for "others". It was a secret then, and it is a secret now.

That's my current view. If I am wrong, I pray that the Lord will correct me, as He has on so many other things.

Well, that's all for now. My blessings in Christ and prayers go up to the Father on your behalf. You are a blessing to me.

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

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