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Charly's Angels

Who has seen an angel?
Are they really near and far
Around us and protecting us?
God's Word says that they are.
They closed the mouths of lions
Among which Daniel sat.
The prison chains fell from Peter;
God's angels also did that.
Chariots of fire
Elisha's servant saw,
With a host of angels
To protect them over all.
On Jacob's ladder they were seen
Ascending and descending.

The heavenly host the shepherds saw
Sang the message God was sending.
There were Abraham and Moses,
Peter, Paul, and John,
Mary, Joseph, Phillip;
The list goes on and on
Of those who saw an angel
Sent from God above
Sent to them to help them,
And show them His great Love.

Now I believe that angels
Are God's messengers today;
That they guide us and protect us
As we follow in God's way.
And when you see a stranger,
Just remember Abraham,
Who entertained angels unawares
When they looked like any man.


Thanks Barbara for such a lovely poem~!

A Beautiful Angel

In Memory of Shirley & Tyler

I would to like mention my friends who have
given me the inspiration & guideance
to make this site:
Millie,Wendy,and Linda (LilSis)
And to Mary for some of the graphics.

And Mark for your long hours
of teaching me how to use
the computer and fixing my problems with it.....
To My Husband Roy for his Patience *S*

Freebird56's Angelpage has changed it's name, it is now called "Whispers of Love".

This is my Adopted Angel"Jackie"


Special Dreams was made for me
by a very good friend,


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