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Ulrichs' grave under a blanket of snow (photo: Giorgio del'Aquila, Jan. 02)

Calendar of Events for 2022

* June: Glockenbach Festival on Karl-Heinrich-Ulrichs-Platz, Munich

* 28th August: annual celebration at Ulrichs' grave, noon, Civic Cemetery, L'Aquila, Italy.


* Juni: Glockenbachfest auf dem Karl-Heinrich-Ulrichs-Platz, München

* 28. August: Jährliche Feier an Ulrichs' Grab im städtischen Friedhof in L'Aquila, Italien.


* Juin: Glockenbachfête dans la Karl-Heinrich-Ulrichs-Platz, Munich

* 28 août: Célébration annuelle à la tombe d'Ulrichs à L'Aquila.


* Junio: Glockenbachfiesta, Karl-Heinrich-Ulrichs-Platz en la ciudad de Múnich

* 28 agosto: Celebratión anual en la tumba de Ulrichs a L'Aquila.


* Giugno: Glockenbachfesta, Karl-Heinrich-Ulrichs-Platz, Monaco, Germania, fiera GLBT all'aperto

* 28 agosto: Cerimonia informale per Ulrichs presso il Cimitero Monumentale, L'Aquila

FORTHCOMING (2025): To celebrate the bicentenary of Ulrichs' birth: Larks (The Songbirds): An International Latin Journal Originally Titled Alaudae (1889-1895), rendered into English by more than 36 translators worldwide!

* Several Kindle Editions of Ulrichs' works are now available on Kindle Editions of Ulrichs' works

* Available now from Palgrave Macmillan: The Correspondence of Karl Heinrich Ulrichs by Douglas Pretsell


Ulrichs' gravestone was restored in 2017 to its pristine original condition by students and faculty of the University of Verona, thanks to generous donors


Karl Heinrich Ulrichs marked May 26, 1864, as the beginning of a modern-day movement -- the day a court order lifted the ban on his books. It's worth celebrating on that day, especially at the following locations: Karl-Heinrich-Ulrichs-Platz, Munich; Karl-Heinrich-Ulrichs-Platz, Stuttgart; Karl-Heinrich-Ulrichs-Strasse, Hannover; Karl-Heinrich-Ulrichs-Strasse, Berlin; Piazzale Karl Heinrich Ulrichs, L'Aquila; Ulrichsplatz, Bremen; Karl-Heinrich-Ulrichs-Platz, Aurich; Karl-Heinrich-Ulrichs-Platz, Frankfurt-am-Main; Memorial Plaques: Am Markt 5, Goettingen; Godehardsplatz 6, Hildesheim

Thanks to the many people who spent years to get Ulrichs recognized. The dates of the dedications:

Goettingen, January 17, 1997; Munich, April 18, 1998; Hildesheim, August 21, 2002; Bremen, August 31, 2002; Hannover, May 5, 2006; L'Aquila, August 26, 2007; Berlin, December 17, 2013; Frankfurt, May 17, 2015; Stuttgart, July 14, 2015; Aurich, August 30, 2015

Note: With regard to memorial plaques for Ulrichs, Niccolò Persichetti stated in 1909 his desire to have a plaque affixed to his home in L'Aquila, Italy. Persichetti's wish is yet to be fulfilled.

Ulrichs' letters to his kinsfolk (1862), the first known coming-out letters in world history, published in 2006 by The Harrington Park Press:

Sodomites and Urnings: Homosexual Representations in
Classic German Journals

For his 189th birthday in 2014, Ulrichs got his Karl-Heinrich-Ulrichs-Platz in Aurich, his birthplace.

Co-Starring Karl Heinrich Ulrichs!

Breaking A Path to Freedom: A Documentary Film of Munich's Gay History

Director Wolfgang Tröscher says his film received good reviews. "More than 150 people attended the premiere of the film - many more than expected. Two weeks ago I showed the film at 'gay & gray.' About 50 persons (not just 'gray' persons ;-) watched the video. All said they enjoyed the film and are very happy that everyone can learn something about the gay history of munich." (Feb. 19, 2006)

Photos of UlrichsDay2005 in L'Aquila, Italy!!! Photos from the Ulrichs Study Center

The Karl Award

Hanover, Germany
Approved in 1999; Signs went up around 2004/5

Select this link for photos

Books for 2004

Neue Funde und Studien zu Karl Heinrich Ulrichs

New Findings and Studies on Karl Heinrich Ulrichs: edited by Wolfram Setz (Bibliothek rosa Winkel, vol. 36 These studies complete the Ulrichs' biography by Hubert Kennedy, published in 2001 as volume 27 of the Bibliothek rosa Winkel (Pink Triangle Library) in a greatly expanded version. In 1865 Ulrichs had a good chance of becoming mayor of Uslar -- until the authorities discovered "he was one of them." For two decades Ulrichs fought against Prussia: for damages incurred by two arrests (1867) and to have "sacks-full" of confiscated material returned to him. But Bismarck had the files sealed. Especially the lists of "Urnings" could have been "abused" outside of any "legal investigation." In the DDR, the state police kept an eye on Gays who attempted to form an Ulrichs society. (Translation of publisher's blurb)

Ulrichs: Alaudae (Larks)

A book-lover's rarity for Ulrichs' fans and friends of the Latin language. Ulrichs promoted Latin as an international language with his newspaper Alaudae (Larks), published from May 1889 up to his death in 1895. The newspaper found readers worldwide: in Egypt and America as well as in Romania and Russia. A translation is being prepared for the Internet. Wilfried Stroh, a professor in Munich and like Ulrichs a friend of "living Latin," introduces the newspaper, which in its day was without comparison and enjoyed a wide range of themes: art and literature, archeological-epigraphic strolls and philological observations, news from the "Latin world" and again and again a touch of "utter nonsense." (Translation of publisher's blurb)

Ulrichs straripa all'Aquila

Da Ulrichs, la storia gay

The First Gay Activist by Roberts Batson

Bernd Aretz has a 4-page article on Ulrichs: "Der erste Schwule der Weltgeschichte" (The First Gay Person in World History) in the September (2003) issue of the German gay magazine Adam.

August 11, 2003: L'Aquila Begins Restoration L'Aquila: restoration of Ulrichs' grave; photo: MOA restoration of grave; photo: MOA

L'Aquila: Giorgio, a founder of the L'Aquila Gay Movement group, emailed the photos. Since 2000, the walkway in front of the grave also appears to have been paved with cobble stones.

Ulrichs Celebrations 2003: L'Aquila; Augusta, Georgia
L'Aquila: Padre Nello, M. Consoli, Roberto Schena, Fabio Croce, Antonio DiGiandomenico; photo: MOA L'Aquila: Marching toward the grave; Fuori (Out) banner; photo: MOA Augusta, Georgia: Mike & Paul

[Left] L'Aquila: cemetery caretaker Father Nello greets founder of the ceremony Massimo Consoli; Ulrichs' publisher Fabio Croce; other activists, the media, and a politician. [Right] L'Aquila: Massimo leads the march to Ulrichs' grave. [Center] Augusta, Georgia: At the Parliament House Gay resort, Mike & Paul display Ulrichs' posters and offer cards inviting guests to visit Ulrichs' website.


Dear Paul and Mike,

What did I do to celebrate Ulrichs?

This is just to let you know that ... Pan magazine will publish a small article I have written about Ulrichs which includes a reference to your website as well. Probably in the August edition. Keep up your good work. You are an inspiration to many - also here in Denmark !!!!

Kind regards,

Kaj Erik Nielsen, Copenhagen, Denmark

* Halogen Entertainment (UK) shows interest in shooting a 45-minute documentary on Ulrichs' life and times *

Click to enlarge: Wine for Ulrichs (English) Click to enlarge: Wine for Ulrichs (Italian and German) Publisher Roberto Massari is lately producing labels for bottles of wine, called "Wines to read" ("Vini da leggere"). The latest one is a hommage to Ulrichs. The wine (a precious red Nebbiolo d'Alba), has been named "Rosso Gayardo" (it is a pun: "Gagliardo" in Italian means "Brave"; pronounced with a roman accent it becomes "Gayardo", a name made with the word "gay"). There are three labels with the same text: one in Italian, one in English, and one in German, for the North European market. Massimo Consoli, aided by Hubert Kennedy, is the author of the text. The wine was officially and publicly presented during Massimo's birthday party, on Thursday, December 12, 2002, at 9.00, at the Circolo Mario Mieli in Rome. (-- M. Consoli)

Ulrichs' Grave Saved! Restoration Efforts Succeed

Italy's Member of Parliament Franco Grillini initiates inquiry into the restoration of Ulrichs' grave. "I intend to promote new initiatives both at the national and local level on this issue..." -- Hon. Franco Grillini

Select this link for the initiative in Hanover for a street named after Ulrichs (scheduled dedication was late 2002): Ulrichsstrasse Hannover (in German)

Hubert Kennedy reprints Ulrichs' Vindex (the vindicator; 1864); in German; read it free on Prof. Kennedy's homepage

File found in Berlin containing Ulrichs' attempt to have material returned, which Prussian police had confiscated in 1867. Ulrichs' expert Wolfram Setz published the contents of the file in a book in 2004 (Neue Funde, above).

Wolfram Setz and Prof. W. Stroh plan to reprint Ulrichs' Alaudae (Larks) in Fall of 2003

Travel to Ulrichs' Events: 2003 -- Get Up and Go!!!

archived banner

What Happened in 2002?

Photos of Ulrichs' Celebrations:

Munich: Glockenbachfestival on Karl-Heinrich-Ulrichs-Platz on Saturday, June 29, 2002;

Hildesheim, L'Aquila, and Bremen
Munich (Glockenbachfestival)
Bremen (RoteRatte)
Hildesheim, L'Aquila, Bremen
L'Aquila (Ulrichs Study Center)
Bremen (
Bremen (
Bremen - Mounting the Street Sign (
Bremen - Dedication and Parties (
Bremen von Hinten Gallery
Hildesheim, L'Aquila, Bremen
Bremen (Ulrichsplatz AG)

archived banner

auf dem
Karl - Heinrich - Ulrichs
am Samstag, den 29. Juni 2002

On June 29, the Glockenbach Festival took place on a nice sunny day. View photos of the event (see the Munich Gay cloggers!)

In Hildesheim, Germany, members of the Gay Friendship circle had two bronze plaques made in honor of Ulrichs. The plaques are to be mounted on public buildings.
In Bremen, Germany, members of the Ulrichsplatz Action Group established an email mailing list, created a website, put on a streetfair, and had city administrators dedicate a public square to Ulrichs.

* 31 agosto: A Brema piazza Ulrichs, primo attivista gay -- "Ulrichsplatz" sarà il nome ufficiale di una piazza di Brema, in Germania. La piazza, intitolata alla memoria di Karl Heinrich Ulrichs, il primo attivista gay, dovrebbe essergli dedicata il 31 agosto. La comunità gay-lesbica di Brema ha programmato per l'occasione alcuni eventi e mostre a carattere gay-lesbico. E' in programma anche una fiera all'aperto in coincidenza con la cerimonia. (Di

Publications of the year 2002:

Click to enlarge Consoli's translation of Raging Sword

Photos from the Ulrichs conference presented by the Mario Mieli Circle, Rome, March 16, 2002 Left: Bruno Fiorentino, cultural organizer of the Mario Mieli association, Massimo Consoli, Giorgio Piccinini Front row: Fabio Croce, and professor Brian Williams of the American University in Rome The table...

Ulrichs Award for Exemplary Community Contribution
from StoneWall Society
Nominate your favorite person or organization!

Report for 2001 Place of honor at Paul & Mike's for KHU on his 176th birthday

Oh, I will apologize to you.
Yes, sir, I will.
But not for what you want me to.
I apologize for not having the guts at times
to act myself, to think as I think,
feel as I feel:
and show you just how wrong you are.

--R. Saint-Pierre for the Memory Book

Due to severe illness and the slow process of recuperation, for the first time since 1988 Massimo Consoli was unable to travel to L'Aquila to lead the 176th birthday celebration at Karl Heinrich Ulrichs' gravesite. Moreover, and worse still, Anselmo Cadelli, who often assisted Massimo, died two weeks before Ulrichs' birthday. Of course, Massimo hopes to make it in 2002. In the meantime, while he is getting better, Massimo is translating another book by Ulrichs into Italian.

One is almost struck dumb by these sad turns of events. They prompt spending a few moments every now and then to reflect on the wonderful celebration in 2000 with Massimo and Anselmo in L'Aquila.

Massimo's illness and Anselmo's death overshadow a change for the good: local Gays in L'Aquila recently approached city officials to ask that a street be named after Ulrichs. These Gays have displayed a great deal of courage, and their activities should be noted and lauded.

Although the push for streets to be named after Ulrichs in Hanover and Hildesheim is still a struggle in those places, in Aurich and Bremen, a street and a plaza are to become accomplished facts. Gays in Bremen hope to dedicate their Karl-Heinrich-Ulrichs-Platz, located near the Weser River, in August 2002.

Kennedy's Ulrichs' bio in German During the past year, Wolfram Setz edited a second, revised, illustrated and expanded edition of Hubert Kennedy's biography of Ulrichs in German. This expanded edition contains many illustrations. Wolfram paid homage to the first Gay activist on August 28 by going home after work via Karl-Heinrich-Ulrichs-Platz in Munich.

In San Francisco, Hubert Kennedy was busy during 2001 editing the new, expanded, English edition of his Ulrichs' biography.

Bill Brown and Harlan Godes, both in Southern California, again took the Celebration event under their wings as sponsors and official travel agents. The result was that two fellows from Boston showed interest in traveling to the event. One visitor to the Ulrichs' website from France did say he would try to attend the event.

During 2001, people continued to link to the Ulrichs' webpage (Celebration). As a result, the website still receives several thousand visitors from every corner of the earth.

At noon (Germany time) on August 28, 2001, an entry was made in the Memory Book guest book. What a surprise! It was from a contact from the 1980's who had sent copies of original writings by Ulrichs to be used for the English translation. After several months of sending material, Eckhard, the contact, just seemed to disappear. Well, he reappeared at a very appropriate moment, indeed! He had been searching the Web under "John Addington Symonds" and came upon the Ulrichs' webpage.

Paul and Mike
September 8, 2001

We Remember
September 11, 2001: Gay Victims & Heroes

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