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Wolfram Setz

Wolfram Setz in Aurich

Wolfram Setz in L'Aquila Wolfram Setz is probably the most noted person responsible for the Ulrichs' revival that has been blossoming in Germany since the mid-1990's. Though he started out single-handedly, his call for the recognition of the greatness and influence of Ulrichs has been steadily answered in other cities throughout Germany.

From the year 1975, Ulrichs has been practically the sole property of the United States. It was in America where the seed was planted for the Ulrichs' revival to grow. Among the myriad acknowledgements during the past 25 years in America of Ulrichs' place in Gay history, the most notable are: Ulrichs' works were reprinted, albeit in German (Arno Press, 1975); his works began to appear in English (Urania Manuscripts, 1977); his biography was published (Alyson Publications, 1988); his translated works were published in hard-cover during the commemoration of the 100th year of his death (Prometheus Books, 1994); and a website was created in 2000 in his memory (

The revival spread to Italy in 1988 when Max Consoli began to hold a celebration every year on Ulrichs' birthday, August 28, at Ulrichs' gravesite in L'Aquila, Italy. Consoli also began to popularize Ulrichs in his own writings.

Until the 1990's, little or no notice was paid to Ulrichs in Germany. Wolfram has changed all that. It appears he has restored Ulrichs to his people, with his coup de grace saved for the year 2000 -- the year the 175th jubilee birthday celebration was held in grand style on Karl-Heinrich-Ulrichs-Platz in Munich, Germany.

Wolfram's contributions to reclaiming the German hero include:

A National Ulrichs Tour in 2000 that included cities in which Ulrichs lived:

  • Stuttgart (mid September): The media, including a Gay radio station showed up; see also an article in the Stuttgarter Zeitung
  • Berlin: (late September): Set up Ulrichs Exhibit at the Berlin Gay Museum. Exhibit run: 9/28 - 11/19
  • Göttingen: Spoke in the city of the folks who began restoration on Ulrichs' grave in 1995 plus got a memorial plaque for Ulrichs in Göttingen Peter Hedenström of Prinz Eisenherz Bookstore
  • Berlin: a second time (September 26), to speak at the Prinz Eisenherz Bookstore
  • Frankfurt (October 6): There was a birthday article for Ulrichs in the Frankfurter Rundschau (Frankfurt Review): "For the Innocent Class of Men" (Aug. 26/27 2000)
  • Aurich (Ulrichs' birthplace) (October 9): Aurich Library, in East Friesland. Here are the headlines from the Ostfriesische Nachrichten (East Friesian News): "The First Gay Person in World History Comes from Aurich;" another article appeared titled "Square in Munich Named after Aurich Man"
Other Moves Wolfram Made in 2000 to Take Back Ulrichs: Earlier contributions from Wolfram include:

Photos sent by Wolfram for a few of the 2000 Jubilee Celebration events:

Paul & Mike in front of the old Odeon Theater (Munich) Paul & Mike in the old Grand Hall of the Odeon (Munich) Bernd Aretz reads Ulrichs to his audience at Max&Millian Bookstore (Munich) Mike talks at the Café Regenbogen (Munich)
Karl claims his Platz Thomas Kylau reads Karl's poetry (Munich) Karl admires his hussars (Florian Öxler & Markus Kaufmann) Wolfram, Mike (in background), Karl & a Storekeeper Petty Officer First Class from Hanover on Ulrichs-Platz
Karl, Mike & Markus Karl gets the red-carpet treatment Peter, Stefan, Paul (L'Aquila) Ulrichs Twins Paul & Mike in front of Persichetti mausoleum (L'Aquila)
Paul sprinkles earth from Jax, Odeon & Platz on Ulrichs' grave; Mike, Max, Peter (L'Aquila)

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