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"someone wrote that we were the three stooges on acid, thats a pretty good description of our show."

"adrock has a pretty sweet finger on the pause button, but i'm not going to just sit back and let him walk all over me. i've got some top secret shit that'll blow everyone away. i'm working on this helmet thats got a tape deck headphones, and microphone built into it. and it's hooked up directly to my brain, so i can just think of pauses and automatically bust out. when those guys see me coming with that shit, forget about it."

"i'd probably go over to mike d's house and swim in his pool, which i hardly ever do these days anway. meditate a while.. read a book. work on some lyrics, work on whatever the fuck i'm working on out here so that i can be done with it so i can get the fuck out. go over to mario's house, work on some editing..i don't take days off in la."

this is my current favorite picture of adam...hehee

adrock: "whats the coolest thing about samson?" yauch: "that i could get in my sleeping bag or on a mattress and slide down the stairs, and he would attack me."

"the helmet, completely constructed from used nutshells so it's completely environmentally safe, is a system. an invisible system, an electronic device with which i can concert thought matter into material music instantaneously, and uh, fax it to mike d."

"i feel grown up. i like the grey because it makes me look like math teacher or a movie star."

"we record our own interviews, like jerry lewis. so if anyone misquotes us, we got it covered."

"When I first started jamming, in the back of my head I thought, 'I have been tested, and my aptitude is not in music.' My mom was giving me the 'You need something to fall back on routine.' I was telling her, 'No, I'm going to be a rock star.' Now she just says, you were right, you told me.'"

"though he doesn't go out and party himself, i think the dalai lama would have approved."