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Mike's 1965 Triumph Spitfire Mk2

SOLD! 3-DEC-2010

  • In addition to this personal website, I also designed and maintain the website of my local British car club, the Panhandle British Car Association in Pensacola, Florida, USA. Part of my service to the club on the site is to maintain a listing page of British cars and parts for sale. I received an ad for this car in the fall of 2000 and toyed with the idea of getting it myself but then decided to get a GT6 instead. Then it was a year later and this Spitfire still had not sold. Well, even though I had not done the work on the GT6 that I had wanted to during the previous year, I thought that I could get this early Spitfire, which is not in as bad a shape as the GT6, and fix it up in a few years time. (Boy was I wrong).[December 2001]

  • I had thought to get this Spitfire Mk2 drivable first, next do the bodywork/paint on the GT6, and then come back to the Spitfire Mk2 for it's body/paint. I had thought this because I was able to start the engine on the Spitfire Mk2 but was not able to on the GT6. This car had been driven more recently than the GT6 had.

  • But a few years later I decided to sell both of my 1960's Triumph sports cars and concentrate on my Triumph 2000 sedan and maintaining my Spitfire 1500. My time to work on Triumphs is very limited these days because my wife gave birth to our first child in June 2003 and we now have our 2nd child in October 2006. These cars don't deserve to sit in my shop collecting dust. If I can't fix them up and get them back on the road then I should sell them to somebody else who can and will. My wife has no problem with me keeping them, but I also need the room to work on the Triumph 2000 sedan (when I can) because it's one of the "Big Triumphs".

    To complicate matters further, I bought another Spitfire 1500 in October 2006 that runs great in order to give it to my niece in 2 years when she graduates from high school. I bought it now because one was available locally in the color she wants. If I waited 2 years, I might have had to travel hundreds of miles to get the right car. So getting it now saves me from that, but I have to store it in the meantime. Again, no room to work on my Triumph sedan which needs it.

    Then in 2008 my wife had an accident which injured her leg and she couldn't walk for a few months. So I had to do everything in the house and take care of her and the kids.

    We all do things that seem like a good idea at the time but later on we realize that it was not such a good idea after all. For me, buying this 1965 Spitfire was not such a good idea because I am not able to fix it like I can my 1970's Spitfires. I sold the GT6 about 2 years ago, but I still have this Spitfire Mk2 and it's title problem not solved... but I finally found the paperwork, started the process of getting a Florida title, and received a new FLORIDA title the last week of October. A member of the Tallahassee Temple of Triumph came and bought it in December 2010.

  • Here are some views of the car taken by the previous owner:







    bonnet up





    My shop is full!(96k) With the 1960's Triumphs parked parallel and the Spit1500 parked perpendicular, this gets close to filling up the 25x28 shop that I have. I have to drive the Spit1500 into the shop by using the parallel-parking method, but at least I was able to park all three inside. Before, the Spit1500 and the GT6 were parallel and trailer was parked in front. Now the trailer is outside.[December 2001]
    tail lights(67k) Working on the electronics of the Mk2, I find that this positive-ground system takes some getting used to. I now have the brake lights working and the turn signal lights AFTER the switch working. I have not been able to get them working with the column switch so far. I borrowed the brake lens covers from my GT6, but they are both slightly cracked. I will have to buy four new ones anyway.[March 2002] UPDATE: I now have two new lenses on, so the old ones are back on the GT6. They are expensive so I will buy two more for the GT6 later.
    Spitfire Mk2 with electric fuel pump(69k) After using the electric fuel pump to drain the old gas from the tank into a can, I installed it correctly in to the system ready for when the gas tank is treated and ready to re-install.[April 2002]
    trunk of Spitfire Mk2(45k) Here is the gas tank of the Spitfire Mk2 just before I pulled out the carpet and removed the tank. I had to drain the bad gas from it using an electric pump and disconnect the bottom tank line. It still leaked a little, so the container caught the drips until I removed the bolts and pulled it from the trunk. I was going to have it cleaned and treated, but when I brought it down to a shop business, they looked at it and said that it was far too corroded and had been treated before. Where can I get a new one from or a good used one? [April 2002]
    clutch slave cylinder removed
    clutch and brake master removed(99k)
    I have started working on the hydraulics. The clutch master & slave cylinders are removed as well as the master brake and rear wheel cylinders. I could not get the pipe removed from the clutch master, so I had to cut the pipe (after verifying that Victoria British sells new ones). Then on the bench with the cylinder in the bench vice I was able to use the vice-grip wrench and lots of WD-40 to remove the pipe end. So that saved me from having to buy a new master cylinder.[July 2002]
    my new 4 car shop(95k)I really did not think that this would be delayed this long, but as life changes, priorities change. With the birth of our baby boy in 2003, I realized the need for a family British car because Spitfires are two-seaters. I found a "Family Triumph", a Triumph 2000 Mk1 which, being 38-years-old, needs some work, so this Spitfire Mk2 project is again delayed. [May 2004]
    OK, well it's with a great deal of reluctance that I have decided to sell this Spitfire Mk2 because, as you can see in the above picture, I have no room to work on any car in my shop because I have too many cars in the shop and can't afford to expand it. Also, I have had no time to work on this Spitfire Mk2. I have a 3-year-old, a baby, a family Triumph 2000, and a Spitfire 1500. I sold my uncompleted GT6 project in January 2006. I also hate to see this Mk2 collecting dust in my shop when somebody could be getting it on the road. [Feb 2005] A member of my club was interested in this Spitfire Mk2, but later changed his plans. [July 2006]
    Well...... I can't sell the car now because of a title problem with the previous owner in Alabama that has the VIN number wrong in that state's records. Then he moved to California and didn't return my messages after offering to help. So until this is corrected, anybody interested in this car will have to wait. Sorry! [OCT 2006]
    Yes I still have this car and yes I still have not had the title corrected. People are emailing me about it now and then. I have to get Alabama records to be corrected first before Florida will accept it. The car may need to be inspected by Alabama officials, which means loading it back on the trailer and hauling it to an Alabama motor vehicle office. My wife had an accident in November 2008 which left her unable to walk for over 2 months, then had surgery, then hobble with a walker device, now with a cane. Another surgery may still happen, so I am concentrating on selling my blue Spitfire 1500 and my Triumph 2000 sedan, then sometime I will work on getting this car's title fixed. [August 2009]
    After wondering for years where the original papers were, things are finally getting better for us at home allowing me to do things that I've had to put off for a few years. One of those tasks was finding the original registration and bill-of-sale. When I remodeled part of my house (before my wife's accident), I had just quickly shoved things in boxes and put them in the garage storage area. Last month, I asked officers from the local Florida Compliance Division to come to my house to inspect the car and verify the VIN. Then over the course of a month, I looked through the storage places when I could and one night found the bill-of-sale! So I knew I was close to finding the other one. After a few more nights of searching, I finally found the original Alabama registration (in a different box of course, why I don't know). SO... I took them down to the local Florida Compliance Division office and they typed up a form to bring to the Motor Vehicle Division. I didn't need to get Alabama to correct their records after all!!! That was a relief! So I applied for a Florida title with the Dept. of Motor Vehicles in Tallahassee ($115) and it has arrived! Now the car is available to purchase!

    The moral of the story is: put your vehicle documentation in a safe place that won't be moved around or lost. This will help when things get hectic during remodeling, have little kids running around, and your spouse has an accident...[October 2010]
    The car is now sold to a new owner in Tallahassee! He came here today, money and paperwork were exchanged, and we put it on his trailer. Thank you! [December 2010]

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