Mike's Triumph Spitfire:
Thirty Seven Years of Fun!

1975 Triumph Spitfire 1500

Paint Code: 126 - French Blue

Sold in October 2009

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My club had a event at a member's automotive shop where we viewed his classic car collection and then drove to his house on the FL/AL bay for a afternoon of food and friends. Another Spitfire owner came and I took these pictures. This is a 1975 1500 that is only on it's 2nd owner. The color is French Blue. Look for this car on this website in the future... More pictures from this event are here.[August 2006]
1.) My wife had our 2nd child this month! We have a baby girl to add to our 3-year-old boy.

2.) I have bought this 1975 Spitfire 1500 from a man in my club who owned it for 5 years. He bought it from the original owner who kept all repair receipts plus the original sales receipt from when the car was bought new in 1975! I bought this car for my niece for high school graduation IF her grades were above the agreed level. [October 2006]
This is me showing my niece how to drive a manual-shift. She had her learner's permit license, so it was legal to let her drive out on the road by my house. She did well and only stalled once. I sure stalled more than that when I was learning in 1981! [June 2007]
This is a new photo taken with my new digital camera at a much higher resolution than my old digital camera could take. I have reduced the picture size for this website, but I sent the full-size image to "Triumph Spitfire and GT6" magazine. It was printed in issue #26, page 13. [August 2007]
Unfortunately, my niece didn't get the grades by far, so she doesn't get the car. It's a tough lesson in life, but one that will help her learn the value of hard work and commitment. I "played" with this Spitfire for a few years and now it's time to sell. [August 2009]
Gulf Coast Spit-Together 2008
Well, I've now been given half the selling price to secure this Spitfire for a buyer outside of Florida. He will travel here in a few weeks to collect it and give me the other half of the price. So this car is no longer "For Sale"! [18 September 2009]
Scott with his (formerly mine) 1975 Spitfire
The new owner is Scott Henneman who owns a '63 Spitfire Mk1 originally owned by his grandfather. He flew to Pensacola on a Thursday evening. I picked him up at the airport and brought him to his hotel. Then on Friday morning I drove this Spitfire to the hotel and showed him details about the car. Then I drove us to the vehicle license office and we transferred ownership of the car. Then he drove us to my house where I showed him how to raise and lower the convertible top. I took this picture right before he drove away on his long journey to Nebraska. And YES, he made it home in three days DRIVING this Spitfire! [October 2009]

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